Spring Safety Check for Your Pool

Spring is the beginning of swimming season and time to ensure your pool is ready for summer. One of the responsibilities of pool owners is ensuring their pool is safe for their family and guests. Here is a safety checklist to make sure your pool is meeting safety standards.

Inspect Handrails, Ladders and Diving Boards

Any equipment attached to your pool should be inspected for corrosion and stability. Many ladders and handrails are made from metal and can weaken over time when exposed to water. Inspect to ensure all the screws and components are still sturdy.

Inspect Drain Covers

It is vital that drain covers are tightly in place and are not damaged. A damaged drain cover can cause excessive suction that can be dangerous, even deadly, to small children swimming in your pool.

Gates and Fencing

You want to ensure you have a safe enclosure for your pool. A fence around the pool with a locking gate is the best way to ensure children and pets do not have access to your pool when no adults are present to ensure their safety. Make sure your enclosure is secure.

Thorough Pool Cleaning

Start the summer off right with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your swimming pool. Even if you normally perform your own pool maintenance, spring is a good time to hire a professional pool service for a thorough cleaning using commercial equipment. They can also inspect and perform maintenance all your pool equipment to ensure it is working properly.

Before you jump in the pool this spring, make sure it is safe and ready for summer. Do a spring safety check and cleaning to prepare your pool for many enjoyable summer days in your pool.

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5 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Pool

Enjoying your swimming pool with friends and family is easier when you know your pool is prepared for safety. Pools offer a wonderful way to relax, cool off and exercise, but they do pose a risk when safety is not a priority. Here are five ways to improve the safety of your pool to ensure everyone is protected from injury and health concerns.

  1. Water quality. Maintaining the right chemical balance keeps your pool water safe. Harmful bacteria can grow in pools with poor water quality. Make sure to check your pool regularly or hire a pool service to maintain your pool.
  2. Life preservers and floats. Even if everyone in your household can swim, you may have guests that are not great swimmers. Every pool should have life preservers and floats to aid someone struggling to stay afloat.
  3. Maintain pool equipment. Inspect and repair pool ladders, loose pool deck tiles and other equipment regularly to avoid injuries.
  4. Add a fence. Your pool should have a fence to keep it off limits to pets, neighbors and children when not supervised by you or another adult. Your pool fence should have a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  5. Check your pool drain covers. Broken drain covers can cause suction that can hold a child or small person underwater. Drain covers should be replaced if they are cracked or have loose screws and should be rounded in design.

Keep your pool safe for everyone by following these tips. Your local pool service can help you repair and maintain your pool to ensure it is a safe, healthy place to enjoy time with your friends and family.

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Options for Keeping Your Pool Energy Efficient

One of the downfalls of owning a pool is the big water and energy bills that occur during the swimming season. While the cost may be worth the many benefits of owning a pool, everyone likes to save money. There are ways to make your pool more energy efficient, reducing your energy bill and helping conserve natural resources. Here are some of the top ways to make your pool energy efficient.

  • Use your pool cover. Pool covers not only help keep your pool clean, they also can help insulate your pool. This can reduce the energy needed for heating your pool and decrease the amount of evaporation. Use your pool cover whenever your pool is not in use.
  • Keep your filters clean. A clean pool filter helps improve the flow and circulation of the pool, putting less strain on your pool pump.
  • Efficient pump. Talk to your local pool service about energy-efficient pool pumps that can use less energy. Also, running your cycles on off-peak hours can help reduce energy costs.
  • Check your thermostat. Are you warming up your water more than needed? Set your thermostat for your pool heater to decrease heating when not in use. Also, keeping your pool water cooler can help reduce algae growth while reducing your energy costs.
  • Keep up with pool maintenance. A well-maintained pool will run more efficiently. Makes sure your pump and other equipment get regular service and that the pool is kept clean for improved efficiency.

Keeping up with pool maintenance, cleaning and proactive efforts to use less energy can make your pool more affordable. Ask your local pool service for more tips on how to save money on your pool energy costs.

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Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Pool Management Company

For commercial pools at apartment complexes, motels, health clubs and other facilities, pool management can be a large expense. There are many considerations when maintaining a pool for public use, including meeting health and safety standards, equipment service, staffing and much more. If you own or manage a business with a pool, it may be in your best interest to hire a full service pool management company. Here are some benefits to outsourcing this portion of your business.

  • Expertise.  You can hire and train people to manage your pool area but having a pool management service that are experts on all pool regulations can reduce liability. Having hired experts to ensure your facilities pool is meeting all commercial standards can eliminate fines and legal issues.
  • Maintenance costs. It is not always cost effective to do maintenance for your own pool. Pool service companies can often clean and maintain your pool for an affordable fee. This saves you on wages, insurance and pool maintenance supplies.
  • Staffing coverage. Finding and training qualified lifeguards and pool staff is time consuming. Depending on your locality, there are certifications and other consideration when staffing your pool. A full service pool management service can provide full-time pool staffing or training for your company’s staff.
  • Equipment service. Just like any mechanical equipment, pool pumps and filtration systems need regular maintenance and service to work correctly. A full service pool management company can ensure your equipment is well maintained to save on repair and replacement costs.

Don’t let pool management become a stress on your business. Hire a professional full service pool management company to handle your pool maintenance.

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Choosing a Pool Management Service

Do you own or manage a commercial property with a swimming pool? If so, you know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to maintain the pool on your property. Whether the property you manage is a hotel, apartment complex or housing development, you need to ensure the pool is kept clean and safe for anyone using the facilities. One of the best ways to do this is through a professional pool management service.

Finding the Right Pool Management Service

Although there may be plenty of companies in your area who offer pool management, they’re not all equal. Some only offer cleaning and maintenance services, while others have a full range of options available to clients. Before hiring a service to maintain your pool, consider these factors:

  • How often will they clean your pool? A community pool will need to be cleaned more often and to different standards than a residential pool. Make sure the service you hire offers adequate cleaning for a busy pool.
  • Do they do other maintenance? Most commercial pool areas will also have showers, bathrooms and changing rooms that needed to be cleaned and maintained. Choose a pool service that offers complete maintenance for your pool area.
  • Do they offer staffing services? Do you need a lifeguard for busy times on your property? Choose a pool management service which also offers staffing options for your pool.

With the right pool management service in place, you can be assured your pool is being cared for correctly. This can ensure the pool is safe for users, and avoid any costly problems which can occur due to health, safety concerns or lack of maintenance.

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Pool Management

Over the past few years, the area has seen an explosion of new single and multifamily properties that have communal pools for the residents of the community and their guests to enjoy.  Many communities have found that using a full service pool management company eliminates one of the biggest headaches that property managers of neighborhoods, condominium and apartment complexes face during the pool season.

One of the biggest challenges that property managers face is finding, training and managing qualified lifeguards to staff the pool during operating hours.  There is nothing worse than dealing with irate residents that are unable to use the pool because the lifeguard did not show up that day!  Many property managers utilize pool management companies for that reason alone, as they have a staff of experienced, certified and trained lifeguards available to staff their client’s pools whenever they are open.  They also have the ability to provide additional guards as necessary as well as replacement guards when the regular guard has a day off or is sick.

Property managers also appreciate the ability to turn over the complete maintenance of the pool to a management company, as it allows the maintenance staff to concentrate on other tasks within the community.  The maintenance of the pool can include such things as getting the pool ready for the season, coordinating inspections with the health department or other government agencies, maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in the pool, pool cleaning, taking care of the deck and the bathrooms and winterizing the pool for the off season.  In most cases, the exact scope of work required of a pool management company is totally customized to the needs of the property owner!

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Professional Pool Management Saves You the Hassle

If you have a pool as part of your business, organization or community and have been trying to run the pool management yourself, you know what a burden it can be. Pools need to be properly maintained to health code standards and staffed with knowledgeable and competent staff members. This requires training and expertise that is not always easy to find. A professional pool management company can ensure that all the requirements that must be met to keep a pool safe are covered, often saving you money in the long run and reducing the hassle of handling it yourself.

What Pool Management Companies Offer

The great thing about hiring a professional pool management company is that they are already experts in the field. No more worrying changing regulations as well as staffing and training issues. Pool management companies are up-to-date on all pool regulations and have ample staff who are trained to handle your needs. This can ensure that:

–         Your pool is always safe and clean

–         You have professional staff to ensure swimming safety

–         You are not at risk for expensive liability issues

–         Proper maintenance is being done to protect your investment

Professional pool management can relieve all the issues that come with having a pool that is used by your members or customers. By outsourcing this aspect of your organization, it can actually save money versus hiring and training internally as well as reduce liability. It is a smart and safe choice, both for the organization and all those who use your pool on a daily basis.

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Pool Management Services

Property managers of commercial and multifamily properties, such as apartments, condominiums and neighborhood community pools often are faced with the task of managing the pool, as well as the other aspects of their property.  Quickly they see the benefit of using a professional pool management company that will provide economical full service pool management services, including pool start up, maintenance and repairs, as well as lifeguards.

Depending upon the region of the country the pool is located in, often there is a defined pool “season”.  Getting the pool ready for opening day can be very stressful for the Property Manager, because often their will be a series of inspections by the local government overseeing pools, which must be passed before the pool can open.  A pool management company will make sure that everything is 100% ready for the inspections so that the opening day will be met.  They know what to look for and how to get it done!

The pool service company will also have the commercial pool on a regular maintenance schedule to clean the pool and monitor the pool’s chemistry and make the necessary adjustments.  The exact number of times the pool is maintained per week will vary, depending upon how often the pool is used.  The technician will also be on the look out for anything in need of repair and will take the appropriate action.

Often managing lifeguards is a very big headache for Property Managers!  The company providing full service pool management services will also be able to provide reliable, certified lifeguard services.  In addition, they will  have backup guards available, in the event that that the regular guard gets sick.  No need to close the pool because of no lifeguards!

What is involved in a Pool Opening?

If you operate a commercial pool, you will have to begin planning for the opening of the pool weeks in advance.  February is not too soon to start making plans since pool service companies book up early.  If you don’t want to be the last to open your pool, get ahead of the crowd.

First, check your pool supplies for expiration dates and replace any that are not current.  Remove all of the debris that has fallen on top of the cover and pump off any water that is standing on the cover.  Remove the cover carefully to make sure no remaining debris falls into the pool, and allow it to dry before you put it away.

Connect the pump, filter, and any other equipment.  You are ready to set up the pool area with diving boards, ladders, and other devices.  Connecting the equipment is best done by a professional to ensure everything is in proper working order.

You will then need to check the chemical levels of the water and add what is needed to get the right balance.  If you are not sure what this entails, you can contact a professional pool management services company to do the testing and adjusting for you.  They will also come back periodically to make sure the balance does not change.

If you operate a public pool, you will be required to get an inspection by a licensed inspector in order to operate for the summer.  You can have a pool service company do all of these tasks and manage your pool through the entire season so that you can simply enjoy it.

Why Use a Pool Management Service

If you are a property manager, homeowners association, or operate a hotel or other commercial facility that has a swimming pool, you know that a swimming pool can be huge attraction for potential home buyers, apartment and condominium tenants, vacationers and travelers. In some parts of the country, a pool is almost a necessity to profitably operate a hotel or apartment complex.  Despite their attractiveness and desirability, pools pose problems for any type of business.

A swimming pool can be a lot of fun, but managing the pool can be a headache. First, there is the cost and hassle of maintaining the pool.  Pool maintenance includes servicing and repairing the pumps, filters, and other equipment along with cleaning debris from the pool and maintaining the proper chemical balance in the pool.

Pools at commercial facilities have to be clean and full of clear, sparkling water at all times.  Proper maintenance is critical for preventing accidents and preventing damage to the pool.  Ironically, community and commercial swimming pools are harder to keep clean and properly maintained because they are heavily used and it is difficult to control the contaminants that enter the pool.

In addition, liability is a huge issue and keeping pool users safe is very important.  Finding, training, and managing reliable lifeguards and other staff can be a constant battle.

You can avoid most or all of these issues by using a professional swimming pool management service instead of managing the pool yourself.  A professional management company will be fully insured and assume responsibility for the safety of the pool along with the liability for any accidents or injuries.  They also provide staffing and maintenance services which relieves the property manager or business owner from a huge burden.  If you are tired of the hassles of managing the swimming pool at your facility, speak to a professional pool management company.