5 Things to Check Before Swimming in a Public Pool

You may take excellent care of your own swimming pool at home but never assume a public pool is kept at the same safety level. Pools at hotels or in public areas are exposed to many more people and not all are kept as clean and safe as needed. Before you and your family head to the local pool when you are on vacation, here are five things to check before you jump in the water.

  1. Check the pool’s latest inspection results. Most public or commercial pools need to be inspected regularly by the local health department. Check online or on-site for the latest inspection results.
  2. Is there a lifeguard on duty? A good sign of a safe pool is a lifeguard on duty. This means the establishment cares about pool safety and has a staff for the pool area.
  3. Check the water clarity. You want clean, clear water in the pool. You should be able to clearly see the bottom of the pool.
  4. Are the drain covers in good shape? While checking the clarity of the water, look at the drain covers on the bottom of the pool. Are they well-secured and in good shape? Damaged drain covers can be dangerous, especially to small kids.
  5. Check the pH balance of the pool. Yes, you need some chlorine strips to check the pH balance but these are a good thing to bring with you when heading on vacation. Make sure the pH level is between 7.2-7.8 before you decide to enter the pool.

These quick steps can ensure when you swim in a strange pool that it is safe. Keep these safety tips in mind for your own pool at home. Hiring a pool service to maintain your pool water and equipment can protect your swimming pool from failing inspection.

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Tips to Make Your Next Pool Party a Hit

If you are planning a pool party at your home, you want everything to go perfectly. You want to have refreshing beverages and tasty poolside treats for your guests, as well as music and a festive vibe. While concocting a signature beverage for your party can be fun, you first need to think about the basics. Safety is the true key to making your pool party a hit, not what you serve to your guests. Here are some tips to ensure your pool will be ready for your party.

Give It a Deep Cleaning

Having many people in your pool is bound to push the PH balance to the limit. Give your pool a head start, with thorough, deep cleaning. You may want to hire a local pool company to scrub it down and balance the water to ensure it is ready for the extra stress on your pool. You also need to make sure the pool deck is squeaky clean to avoid slips and falls.

Inspect Your Pool Area

Check to make sure there is nothing that needs repair around your pool. Inspect railings, ladders and all equipment to make sure everything is sturdy and in good shape. You should have life preservers available in case of an emergency.

Appoint a Pool Supervisor

While you may not need an actual lifeguard, it is a good idea to have someone in charge of keeping an eye on the pool. Whether you will have kids at your party, or adults who may not be great swimmers, you want someone in charge of making sure everyone stays safe in the water.

Safety should always be the first priority at a pool party. Make sure the pool is clean and you have the safety precautions in place to ensure your next pool party is a hit.

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Safety Tips for Childproofing Your Pool

Growing up with a pool in your backyard can be a wonderful experience for children. Water play is great exercise and a fun way for the family to spend quality time together. However, safety must always be a concern when you have children and a swimming pool on your property. Here on some tips for childproofing your pool to ensure it stays safe for your family.

  • Fenced pools. One of the main safety features you can add to your backyard swimming pool is a fence around the pool. You don’t want children to be able to access the pool unless they are supervised. A fence with a locking gate can help ensure kids don’t wander to the pool edge; it only takes a few minutes for little ones to go off exploring on their own to create a dangerous situation.
  • Pool covers. A rigid pool cover that keeps kids out of the water and will not allow them to slip under it is a secondary preventive measure for safety. If somehow a child gets past the pool fence or backdoor alarm, a sturdy, motorized pool cover can help protect them from falling in.
  • Alarm systems. There are a few different types of alarm systems that can warn you if a child is in or approaching your pool. Alarms on back doors or windows can alert you if a child is entering the pool area. There are also underwater alarms you can set when the pool is not in use to chime when there is movement in the water.

Make your pool safe for the whole family. Talk to your local pool service company about pool accessories and safety options to childproof your pool.

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Top 3 Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Owning a swimming pool is wonderful for relaxing and getting exercise at your home. However, it can have risks. Drowning, especially for small children, is a serious threat when you have a pool. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that two children under the age of 14 die every day from accidental drowning. You want to keep your pool a source of fun and fitness, not a hazard. Here are some pool safety tips to protect the young ones in your family.

  1. No unsupervised swims. There should always be an adult present when kids are swimming. Small children should wear life vests as a precaution. It only takes a few minutes for an accident to happen. Make sure the supervising adult is paying attention.
  2. Add a pool fence and cover. The pool should not be easily accessible for kids. A pool fence can keep kids out – both your own and kids from the neighborhood. A pool cover is another way to add safety and keep your pool clean. Talk to your pool service about adding a cover to your pool.
  3. Teach kids to swim. Knowing how to swim from an early age is one of the best deterrents for drowning. This does not negate the other safety precautions, especially for visiting kids, but will help give your children the tools they need to stay safe in the water.

On top of prevention of accidental drowning for kids, you want to keep your pool safe for everyone. Make sure you stay on top of pool maintenance to prevent waterborne illnesses. Your local pool service can help you ensure your pool is clean and safe for a healthy, happy swimming season.

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Safety Features to Add to Your Home Pool

Owning a home with a pool can have many benefits. A swimming pool offers great exercise, family fun and adds value to your home. However, there are risks to consider when you own a pool. Slips and falls, drowning hazards and equipment injuries are all aspects you must ward against. Here are a few ways to ensure your pool is safe for your family and guests.

Secure Your Pool

One of the biggest hazards of a pool is when it is not in use. You must secure your pool to keep out kids and animals when they are not supervised. A fence around the pool with a locking gate is a basic option. If small children are often at your home, an alarm on the back door to the pool area can alert you if a child is approaching the pool area.

Non-Slip Surfaces

Slips and falls in and around pools are a common cause of injuries. Use pool decking that does not get slippery when wet for secure footing. Also, choose a surface for your pool that is safe and slip resistant. If you have an old surface for your pool, it can become slick and an eyesore. Resurface your poolResurface your pool with a quality material that will make it safe for your guests when they are walking in and out of the pool.

Quality Components

You always want to ensure your ladders, handrails and other safety features are kept secure and stable. Periodically check for loose screws, rust and other factors – if they need to be replaced, use quality components that will provide swimmers with reliable safety options.

Your pool should be a source of fun, not a potential hazard. Utilize the services of an experienced pool remodeling contractor to maintain a safe and risk-free pool area with quality safety features.

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Safety Reminders for Pool Owners

Your pool is a great investment, offering health benefits, relaxation and entertainment while adding value to your home. However, it is also a responsibility. Pools can be dangerous if the proper safety precautions are not followed. As a reminder to pool owners, here are some of the top safety tips to keep in mind to ensure your pool is safe for your family and guests:

  • Pool fencing. It is a good idea to add a fence around your pool for safety. This can keep small children and pets away from the pool edge when it is not in use. The fence should have a self-closing gate that latches; spas should have a locking cover.
  • Teach kids pool safety etiquette. Make sure kids know the basics. Stay away from drain covers; no running by the pool; no swimming without supervision.
  • Lock doors to pool area or set an alarm. If you have small children or guests with small children, make sure your doors to the pool area stayed locked. This can prevent a child from wandering out your back door. A door alarm is another option. Remember, it only takes a minute for a child to fall into a pool unnoticed.
  • Pool water safety. Keeping the right PH balance and cleanliness in your pool is essential to keep it safe for swimming. Hiring a professional pool service for routine chemical checks and cleanings can ensure your pool remains healthy for your family and guests.

By following a few safety rules, your pool can remain a source of fun, exercise and relaxation for your family. Make sure your whole family understands these rules and why they need to be strictly adhered to for their safety.

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Make Your Pool a Safe Place to Be

Having a pool can be a big responsibility. You know that, by all the care and maintenance it takes to keep it running well, but also by keeping the people who use it safe. Here are several ways you can keep your friends and family safe around your pool.

  • Locked gates. Keeping your pool area gated with a lock, will ensure that you know when people are accessing your pool. Knowing is half the battle and keeping that lock out of a child’s reach will also guarantee a peace of mind.
  • Safety gear ready at hand. Having a life float to throw someone can be a literal life saver when the need arises. Also having your phone at the poolside in a watertight plastic bag will save precious moments of searching for it, in case of an emergency.
  • Non-slip surfaces. Keeping the area around your pool slip free can keep someone from falling and getting hurt or accidentally falling into the pool. Sharing some safety tips, like no running, can help you and your guests enjoy their time by the pool.
  • Know your pool guests. Whether your pool guest has never taken a swim or is a professional diver, you are going to want to know so you can keep them safe. This will help you be more aware of the needs and safety tips you need to share as they enjoy using your pool.

Keep these tips in mind as you entertain your friends and family at your pool. Have fun, but as a host be aware of pool safety issues that may arise. You want everyone to have a great time together, but you also want to make sure everyone is safe for your peace of mind and theirs. Talk to your local pool professional about options you can add to your pool to make it safe for everyone to enjoy.

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Pool Safety With Children

Families with children should consider the benefits of owning a pool – it provides exercise, allows for spending quality time together, and can be a tremendous benefit to homeowners with children of all ages. Preparing a pool for the safety of everyone involved, including children, can spell the difference between preparedness and danger for young children in and around the water.

Consider the benefits of safeguarding the pool from your children, and take additional steps to keep them from injuring themselves in the pool. See that the pool is secured with a locked gate, especially the kind that can close and lock on their own, if possible. Make certain that these latches are out of reach for any children, and that the gate can’t be climbed over. Also make sure that any step stools or other ways to get into the pool area are removed.

Teach your child or children how to swim as early as possible to help them avoid injury. Even if you do train a child how to swim, always be sure to monitor and stay with them at all times. Always supervise young swimmers and never leave them alone for any reason.

Buy a pool alarm, which will sound the alert whenever the water is disturbed, and if anyone jumps or falls into the water. Keep any other toys or temptations out of the water when not in use. If you can, keep the pool covered when not in use and teach your children never to remove the cover themselves, as they might fall in and become trapped. And consider seeking the advice of a pool service professional for other tips involving pool safety.

What Kind of Pool Alarm Should You Get?

Whether you are considering installation of a new pool or have been enjoying your swimming pool for years, responsible pool owners should maintain the safety of their pool  by investing in a pool alarm.  There are various styles for different purposes, depending on your needs.  Be sure to check your local ordinances and with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to make sure that your pool alarm system is in compliance.

A Gate Alarm

This alarm alerts you to the gate being opened so that you can make sure no children or unauthorized people are entering your pool area.

Perimeter Alarm

This may be useful if you do not have a fence around your pool.  Anything that comes near your pool triggers the infrared lights on the alarm.

Pool Alarm

This type of alarm sits on the edge of the pool with one end submersed in the water.  Any time something heavier than fifteen pounds enters the water, the alarm is triggered.

Wrist Alarm

This alarm is worn on the wrist of a child to alert parents if their child enters the pool unattended.

Even if you have taken other precautions such as installing a fence or purchasing a lock for the gate, you may want to consider an alarm for additional peace of mind.  Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children who are under 14 but over 1 year of age.  It can take as little as 2 minutes for a child to drown and they can be out of your sight for such a short time.

Installing other safety measures such as a tall fence is still a good idea to protect your family and other people in your neighborhood.  Your pool service company can help you choose the pool alarm system you need and often they will install the equipment.