Pool Cleaning Tips

Keeping your pool sparkling clean and fresh can seem like a daunting task, but following a few regular routine cleaning tips will help minimize your pool work time and maximize your pool play time.  Many people choose to use a reputable local pool cleaning service for keeping their pool in top shape.  This is a great way to free up some additional quality time to spend enjoying your pool with your family.

Even if you choose to use a pool service for your routine pool maintenance, you should know how to take over the routine maintenance for those days when the pool needs a little attention before the pool service technician is due for a visit.

Every pool needs a little different maintenance, but there are some maintenance items that are common to all pools.  First, you should keep your pool free of all debris such as leaves, pine cones, bugs and other materials. Use a skimmer to remove these materials from the surface and also any that has sunk to the bottom.

Clean the accumulated debris out of the strainer baskets.  If your pool is located near trees, this could be a daily task.  If there are no trees for miles around, it may be as long as a week before the baskets need to be emptied.

Brush and vacuum the walls and floors of the pool.  Again, the frequency depends on your pool’s location, but it should be vacuumed at least once a week and usually more often.

There are several different types of pool filters, but they all need regular cleaning.  Clean the pool filter by following the manufacturer’s instructions which will not only specify how to clean the filter, but also how often.  Cleaning the filter more often than necessary is counterproductive because a moderately dirty filter works better than a clean one.

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