Chlorine Alternatives for Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine is one of the most effective sanitizers for swimming pools, killing bacteria and organisms that can pose health risks to swimmers. But it is also a harsh chemical that can dry your skin and hair, bleach clothing and leave an unpleasant odor on your body. There are chlorine alternatives that can reduce the amount of chlorine needed for your pool for a more enjoyable, yet safe, swimming experience. Salt water generators and ozone systems are two popular choices for pool owners that want to reduce chlorine in their pools.

Salt Water Generators

Salt water or chlorine generators effectively sanitize by making pure chlorine from the salt that is added to the water. The generator is installed into the pool’s filtering system, converting salt into chlorine as it passes through. As the chlorine is used for sanitization, it converts back to salt. The water does not have the smell of chlorine and does not harm your skin or clothing.

Ozone Systems

Another alternative to chlorine for pools is a ozone system. These systems use ozone as the main sanitizer for killing harmful organisms in the pool. While some chlorine is still needed, it is a fraction of what is used in chlorine pools, reducing the odor and harsh effects. You can use up to 90% less chlorine with an ozone system for your pool, creating a more desirable swimming environment.

If you want to eliminate the need for using chlorine as your main pool sanitizer, talk to your local pool service company about chlorine alternatives. Both salt water pools and ozone systems have many benefits and can keep your pool safe and sanitized with minimal use of chlorine.

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