Spring Safety Check for Your Pool

Spring is the beginning of swimming season and time to ensure your pool is ready for summer. One of the responsibilities of pool owners is ensuring their pool is safe for their family and guests. Here is a safety checklist to make sure your pool is meeting safety standards.

Inspect Handrails, Ladders and Diving Boards

Any equipment attached to your pool should be inspected for corrosion and stability. Many ladders and handrails are made from metal and can weaken over time when exposed to water. Inspect to ensure all the screws and components are still sturdy.

Inspect Drain Covers

It is vital that drain covers are tightly in place and are not damaged. A damaged drain cover can cause excessive suction that can be dangerous, even deadly, to small children swimming in your pool.

Gates and Fencing

You want to ensure you have a safe enclosure for your pool. A fence around the pool with a locking gate is the best way to ensure children and pets do not have access to your pool when no adults are present to ensure their safety. Make sure your enclosure is secure.

Thorough Pool Cleaning

Start the summer off right with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of your swimming pool. Even if you normally perform your own pool maintenance, spring is a good time to hire a professional pool service for a thorough cleaning using commercial equipment. They can also inspect and perform maintenance all your pool equipment to ensure it is working properly.

Before you jump in the pool this spring, make sure it is safe and ready for summer. Do a spring safety check and cleaning to prepare your pool for many enjoyable summer days in your pool.

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