Troubleshooting Pool Pump Priming Problems

Your pool pump is a vital component of your pool system, ensuring your pool water is circulated and filtered to keep it safe and clean. As part of routine pool maintenance, you may need to prime your pool pump. This process removes any air in the system to allow for proper flow of water. If your pool pump will not prime, it could be due to a few different issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips to identify and fix common pool pump priming problems.

Is There Enough Water in Your Pool?

The most common reason a pool pump won’t prime is due to not enough water in the pool. Check to make sure the water level in your in-ground pool is well above the skimmer opening. If too much air gets into this opening, it can cause priming problems for your pool pump. Add water to the pool until the level reaches about halfway over the skimmer opening.

Check Your Strainer Baskets

Strainer baskets need to be clean and well-sealed for your pool pump to prime. Check your pump strainer basket and skimmer basket for clogs or debris. Clean if needed. Also check the seal on your pump strainer basket – the gasket should fit tightly to create a seal for pump suction.

Check Your Pool Valves

For a pool pump to prime, it needs correct water flow in and out. Make sure your pool valves are open – at least one outlet and inlet valve need to be open for proper water flow.

If you troubleshoot all these areas and your pool pump still will not prime, contact your local pool service. You may need your pump and pool equipment inspected to find the issue. Leaks and other problems can impact the suction and pressure, causing pump priming problems.

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