Matching Your Pool to Your Current Style

Styles change, from the clothes in your wardrobe to the interior and exterior décor in your home. While you may update your home furniture, landscaping and interior design every few years, there may be one area that may no longer match your style. Pools can become outdated, especially when you have changed the surrounding elements to a different style. If your pool no longer matches your home or outdoor space, it may be time to update the style.

Function Versus Features

Was your pool originally designed for function not fashion? Simple pools are fine for function, but if you have embellished other areas around your home, it may be time to add features to your pool. You can add some pizazz to your pool with features like a waterfall, elegant lighting or fire features. Maybe it is time to add a spa? There are many features that can help match your pool to your current style.

Shabby Surfaces

If you added a new patio or updated your landscaping, but your pool surface and deck looks shabby, it is time for a makeover. Stains, faded tiles or chipped surfaces on your pool surfaces can look out of place when everything around your pool is updated. Resurfacing your pool can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and help protect your pool. If your pool deck is also dull or worn, consider repaving with natural stone or other stylish options to update your pool.

Your pool area is an important asset and integral to your home’s value and appearance. Keep it updated to match your style to maintain that value. Contact your local pool renovator company to discuss options for updating your pool to match the style of your home and outdoor space.

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