Why Does My Pool Water Change Color?

When you were picking out the design and surface of your swimming pool, one of the factors you may have considered is how to make your pool water sparkle. Whether you wanted a deep blue or aqua like a lagoon, or a clear effervescent of a tide pool, you may be disappointed that the results did not quite meet your expectations. Your pool water may change color, both with time of day and depth. Here are some of the factors that can impact the color of your pool water.

Sunshine, Clouds and Dusk

One of the most impactful elements on your pool water is the sky. Your pool will look different in the bright sunshine versus a cloudy day. For most pools, the sunshine paired with a blue sky will bring out the best colors and make it closest to the shade you desire.

Depths of the Pool

A spa and pool with the same surface will have different colors of water, as will the shallow and deep ends of your pool. Depth impacts the color; only pools with even depth will have the same appearance throughout the length of the pool.

Glass, Quartz and Stone Beads

To achieve the best color reflections from your pool’s surface back into the water, choose surfaces that incorporate glass, quartz or stone beads. These accents can help create dazzling colors in your pool for the highest level of aesthetics.

If it is time to resurface your pool or you are choosing the materials for your new pool, keep in mind the pictures in pool catalogs only show one aspect of how the pool water will look. Talk to your pool contractor about the different options to obtain the closest recreation to the pool color you desire.

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