Enjoy the Benefits of Adding a Spa to Your Pool Area

Have you considered adding a hot tub or spa to your pool area? Pools and hot tubs provide two different water experiences, complimenting each other in function and aesthetics. If you are missing the massaging warmth of a spa in your back yard, keep in mind the benefits a hot tub can bring to your life and home.

Warm Up on Cool Nights

The pool may be wonderful for cooling off on a hot day, but when the pool is closed in January, you can still enjoy your spa. A hot tub can be used year-round – outdoor spas offer the combination of cool air and steaming water, an invigorating and relaxing options any time of year.

Ease Those Aches

If a tough day at work or at the gym leaves you sore, a spa is the answer to ease the ache of strained muscles. The heat and massaging effect of the water can loosen tight muscles and relieve stress, improving your health and mobility. Hot tubs are also wonderful for inflammation – those with arthritis and other inflammation issues can benefit from routine soaks in a heated spa.

Adult Area

When the kids take over the pool, adults can still enjoy the refreshing effects of the water in the spa. Make your hot tub a “adult-only” area and let the kids play in the pool. You can supervise the kids while still enjoying a soak outside.

A beautiful spa can complete your pool area. Contact your local pool contractor to discuss adding a relaxing hot tub to your pool area and enjoying the benefits of owning a spa.

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Natural or Contemporary Options for Your Spa

Adding a spa to your patio or to compliment your swimming pool can create a wonderful place to relax. Spas offer health benefits for aching muscles and swollen joints, as well as a calming experience to relieve stress for a healthier heart. Any quality spa can be enjoyable, but you also want it to blend into your outdoor space and design. Whether you have natural elements or a modern look, you can find the right spa design to match your style.

Natural Spa Designs

If your pool deck, landscaping and patio embrace a natural look, you will want your spa to have the same type of appeal. Using natural stone is very popular for spas. Travertine can be a wonderful covering for the exterior of the spa – there are also other natural stone surfaces that can create a blissful setting for your spa, helping it look more like a natural pond versus a man-made spa.

Contemporary or Modern Spa Designs

Pool areas or outdoor spaces with clean, modern lines will need a spa that matches that style. Luckily, an experienced spa designer can create a gorgeous spa that uses the minimal modern design aspects to blend with any contemporary outdoor space. Concrete, tile, glass and other elements can be used to create a stunning spa that sparkles with color yet fits perfectly in with a modern style home.

Add the luxury and beauty of a spa for your family to enjoy. Talk to your local spa and pool design team to find the right style for your new spa. Whether you love a modern look or want a spa with natural elements, there are design options that will match your tastes.

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