When is a Good Time for Installing a New Pool?

If you are envisioning yourself relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool during the hot summer months, you do not want to wait until summer. Planning, designing and installing a new pool takes time and summer is the worst time to schedule an installation. For new pools, start your project many months before summer to ensure you have the pool you want for the next swimming season.

Fall Planning

If possible, start your planning for your new pool in the fall, even if you are hoping for a spring or late winter installation. This gives you time to explore different design options and properly prepare for the project. After the summer months, pool services begin to slow down and have the time to discuss a new project, especially when you have months before you need installation.

Winter Preparation

Winter is a great time to begin getting ready for your installation. You can map out your yard and begin planning other aspects of your new pool area. You will want to consider landscaping that will match your pool style and have a design in mind to install with your new pool.

Early Spring Installation

The prime time for new pool construction is early spring or late winter. This gives you plenty of time for the installation and incorporating stylish touches before summer. By the time Memorial Day weekend arrives, you should be ready to throw your first pool party.

In warm regions of the country, pool installations can be done in any season, but avoiding the busy summer is always a good idea. If you have the time, plan ahead and work with an experienced pool contractor to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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5 Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury, but it can also have benefits for your health. When used regularly, a pool can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to justify investing into a pool for your home, adding the health benefits to your list of “pros” can help make a good argument for pool ownership. Here are five health benefits that you may enjoy if you become a pool owner.

  1. Relaxation. Just relaxing by the pool can help your health. Taking the time to unwind can reduce stress and that alone can help improve your wellness.
  2. Great exercise. Swimming is excellent exercise, offering cardio and muscle toning at the same time. The water creates natural resistance for every move you make, giving you a full body workout.
  3. Reduce joint stress. The buoyancy of water helps reduce weight and stress on joints. Swimming and water aerobics are great ways for those with joint problems to get exercise without pain or joint stress.
  4. Reduce inflammation. If you suffer from arthritis or other types of inflammatory conditions, spending time in the pool can help. Warm water can create a balance pressure and help reduce inflammation.
  5. Cooling during hot weather. Overheating is not healthy. Pools give you a place to cool down during the hot summer months and enjoy exercise with less risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

If you enjoy swimming and want to have access to the water in your backyard, adding a pool is a great idea. It can add value to your home and you can gain many health benefits through pool ownership. Talk to your local pool contractor to get started on planning your new pool.

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Above Ground vs. In-Ground Pools

Do you have an above ground pool and wonder if it’s time to invest in an in-ground pool? While above ground pools are great for renters or in colder climates that only have a few months of warm weather, they are subpar for warm regions. They may be less expensive and easy to maintain, but they do not have all the other benefits of an in-ground model. Here are a few advantages to adding an in-ground pool to your home over owning an above ground model.

  • Deeper water. Above ground pools are limited in shape and depth. An in-ground pool can be made in whatever shape you choose and as deep as you prefer. This is wonderful for swimmers and divers that want the option to get the most from their swimming experience.
  • Value to your home. Installing an in-ground pool is an investment, but it also adds value to your home. A beautiful pool is an amenity that many home buyers consider a necessity; when it comes time to sell your home, a pool could impact the price and attractiveness of your home to buyers.
  • Beauty. There is no comparison in beauty when it comes to an in-ground pool versus an above ground model. In-ground pools become the centerpiece of your outdoor space, with many options to make them even more attractive. Water and fire features can make your pool sparkle, options that are not functional with an above ground pool.

Take the leap and trade in your above ground model for a beautiful new in-ground pool. Once you invest in this more versatile option, you will never go back to an above-ground pool again.

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Pros and Cons of Adding a Pool

Do you look longingly at your backyard on warm days, wishing there was a pool to enjoy? A new swimming pool can be a wonderful luxury to own, but it does come at a significant cost. Before jumping into pool ownership, it is important to take a close look at the pros and cons of this large purchase.

Pros of Adding a Pool to Your Home

Quite simply, there is nothing better than a cool pool on a hot day. Owning a swimming pool during the hot summer months is a fantastic experience, with your own private place to relax. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fun for friends and family
  • Great exercise
  • Possible added value to your home

If you love the water and want a healthy way to relax with your family, it can be a wonderful option.

Cons of Pool Ownership

The obvious con of purchasing a pool is the cost. In-ground pools can run over $20,000 or more, plus fencing and other equipment. While pools can add value to the home, you must keep them maintained to ensure this is true when it comes time to sell.  Other costs to consider include:

  • Pool cleaning and upkeep
  • Repairs and resurfacing
  • Electricity and water costs

Even with expenses, many people are more than willing to pay for the cost of their pool to reap the benefits. If you want a cool way to stay fit or put a premium on your relaxation time at home, investing in a pool may be right for you. Talk to your local pool service to find about more about the costs and options available if you decide you are ready to become a pool owner.

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5 Advantages of Concrete Pools

When it comes to installing a new pool, there are three popular options: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. While fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools have their benefits, they have many more limits on design and size than a concrete pool. Here are five advantages to choosing concrete for your pool build.

  1. Concrete pools are built to last, giving you an edge for durability over other types. The solid construction is meant to withstand climate differences that can damage other pool construction.
  2. With fiberglass and vinyl pool shells, you are often limited on the pool designs available. With concrete, your pool can be designed to fit your landscape and vision for your backyard – you can make it unique to fit your style.
  3. Depth. Want a deep pool? Concrete pools can be made deeper than pre-formed shells of other types, great for those who want to dive or swim deep.
  4. Value. In many cases, a concrete pool will add more value to your home than other options due to the durability. Even if you sell your home ten or more years from when it is installed, it will still have many years of enjoyment left.
  5. Vinyl and fiberglass shells must be able to be delivered whole, which can be a problem on some properties. A concrete pool is built on-site, so no access is needed to deliver the shell.

When it comes to design, value and durability, concrete pools can outperform their counterparts. You can make the pool of your dreams, without the limitations that can come with other options. To learn more about concrete pools, contact your local pool builder to find out the detail on design, cost and installation times.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Pool?

Like any large purchase, timing is everything when it comes to buying and installing a pool. Summer is the time when pool companies are at their busiest, both installing new pools and renovating older pools. If you are considering installing a new pool, there are a few considerations when it comes to timing and cost. Here is the best way to decide when to buy your new pool.

Avoid Summer

If any way possible, do not wait until summer to decide to install a new pool. Prices are higher due to demand and you can expect to have pool construction taking over your yard during the entire process. Fall, winter or spring are all better options, with more pool contractors available and better price options. Plus, you won’t need to cancel your family barbecue due to a large hole in your backyard.

Pool Installation Requires a Time Commitment

Designing and installing a new pool will require a time commitment on your part. Although your pool contractor can do the work without your help, there will be many decisions to be made and there may be times where you need to be home during the process. You will want to choose a time during the year that someone in your household that can make decisions will be available.

For many people, late winter or early spring is a great time for getting a new pool installed. It ensures that it will be ready for the summer, without bartering for time during the busiest season. If you are ready to purchase a new pool, plan accordingly to have it installed in the off-season and save a little money on your investment.

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Swimming Health Benefits for Seniors

If you are lucky enough to be living out your golden years in a warm climate region, consider the benefits of adding a pool to your retirement home. Swimming can be an excellent way to keep fit and offers other health benefits for seniors. Consider how these swimming benefits for your health are worth the investment into a new pool for your home.

  • Increase muscle tone. Water offers a natural resistance that helps you maintain muscle tone. Not only is this important to stay fit, it helps improve your metabolism and keeps your body strong.
  • Reduced impact on joints. If you have arthritis or other joint issues, swimming is a fantastic option to reduce impact when exercising. Also, the pressure of the water can help alleviate swelling and inflammation, reducing joint pain for many seniors.
  • A healthy heart. Keeping your heart healthy is important at any age. Swimming offers great cardiovascular benefits, improving circulation, strengthening your heart and helping lower your blood pressure to reduce the risk of a stroke.
  • Improved flexibility and mobility. Coordination, flexibility and mobility are important as you get older to prevent falls. Over 25% of seniors 65-years or older fall each year, with almost 60 unintentional fall deaths per 100,000 seniors in 2014. Swimming can help maintain all three of these health aspects to keep you upright and safe.

If you have been considering adding a pool to your retirement home, these are four excellent reasons to make the investment. Not only will it add beauty and value to your home, you can enjoy a heathier senior life with a pool in your backyard.

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Pool Building Terms

Are you planning on building a new pool? Like any specialty project, there is terminology will need to know to have an educated conversation with your contractor. Not everyone is up on pool lingo, especially if this is your first pool building experience. Here are some common terms you need to know to communicate your desires to your contractors.


The curved area at the bottom of a vertical pool wall as it transitions to the floor surface.


At the top of the pool edge, coping is the material that covers the surface. This can be concrete, brick, stone or many other materials.


Gunite is a method used for concrete pools, spraying the dry concrete on instead of pouring wet concrete. It is also referred to as dry-mix shotcrete.


The smooth, waterproof surface below the waterline is pool plaster. This is created blending concrete, aggregate and water to make a protective, smooth surface.

Standard Plan vs. Custom Structural Plan

The engineering plan for your pool can be a basic standard plan that covers common details of pool building; a custom structural plan includes more specific details and is usually more expensive.


Additional features that may be built around your pool, including waterfalls, grottos, pool decking and other amenities that you may want to add to your pool area.

Of course, there are many other terms that are used in pool building. You will want a pool builder that is willing to take the time to explain every step of the process and ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need in a new pool. Understanding the common terms can help you communicate better with your pool contractor for better results.

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5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

Have you been considering adding a pool to your home? The thought of having a cool place to relax and unwind on hot days is enticing. However, a pool has many more benefits than just the obvious enjoyment of swimming in your backyard. Consider these other benefits to pool ownership to give you even more reasons to make the investment.

  1. Healthy exercise. Swimming is a fantastic way to get exercise for your whole family. Not only is it fun, swimming also offers great cardiovascular benefits.
  2. Family time. Spending time in and around your pool is something the family can enjoy together. Quality family memories are sure to made throughout your years of owning a pool.
  3. Home value. A new pool adds value to your home. It is a popular amenity that can make your home easier to sell when the time comes.
  4. Why have a backyard BBQ when you can have a pool party instead? Think of all the fun times you will have with friends and family during gatherings at your home.
  5. Beauty. While no one would buy a pool just to look at, it does add beauty to your home. Add in water, light or fire features to make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard.

If you are ready to build a new pool for your home, take the time to find a quality pool builder in your local area. You will want a builder that offers different pool options and stands behind their work. Look for an experienced company that you can trust for this major investment. You will love the benefits of owning a pool if it is built right from the beginning.

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Designing Your New Pool: Contemporary vs Natural

Whether you are replacing an old pool or adding a brand new pool to your home, the process begins with the design. Before you decide between cement and fiberglass, size and the multitude of other options, you first need to decide on the basic design or theme. When it comes to pools, there are two basic options: contemporary or natural. Once you choose between these two options, then you can start working on all the other details.

Contemporary Design

For those that like dramatic lines or maybe a simplistic approach, contemporary will likely be the style you will want for your pool. Contemporary pools and spas are not ‘lagoon-like’ or pretend to be a natural body of water; they may be a simple rectangle. They are cleanly designed with straight edges and artful additions. Infinity pools or zero-edge options are popular for contemporary designs.  If your home is modern in design, a contemporary pool area makes perfect sense.

Natural Pools and Spas

If you want to create an oasis in your backyard that is reminiscent of a tropical island, a natural look is more your style. Curved lines for your pool and spa surrounded with natural stone and rocks with plenty of vegetation will be needed to transform your outdoor pool space. Adding features like waterfalls flowing over natural boulders can add the final touch.

Once you decide what direction you are going in for your pool design, your pool contractor can give you a plethora of options to make your vision come true. Regardless of the overall theme, in the end you will have a beautiful new pool to enjoy for many years to come.

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