When is a Good Time for Installing a New Pool?

If you are envisioning yourself relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool during the hot summer months, you do not want to wait until summer. Planning, designing and installing a new pool takes time and summer is the worst time to schedule an installation. For new pools, start your project many months before summer to ensure you have the pool you want for the next swimming season.

Fall Planning

If possible, start your planning for your new pool in the fall, even if you are hoping for a spring or late winter installation. This gives you time to explore different design options and properly prepare for the project. After the summer months, pool services begin to slow down and have the time to discuss a new project, especially when you have months before you need installation.

Winter Preparation

Winter is a great time to begin getting ready for your installation. You can map out your yard and begin planning other aspects of your new pool area. You will want to consider landscaping that will match your pool style and have a design in mind to install with your new pool.

Early Spring Installation

The prime time for new pool construction is early spring or late winter. This gives you plenty of time for the installation and incorporating stylish touches before summer. By the time Memorial Day weekend arrives, you should be ready to throw your first pool party.

In warm regions of the country, pool installations can be done in any season, but avoiding the busy summer is always a good idea. If you have the time, plan ahead and work with an experienced pool contractor to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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5 Advantages of Concrete Pools

When it comes to installing a new pool, there are three popular options: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. While fiberglass and vinyl swimming pools have their benefits, they have many more limits on design and size than a concrete pool. Here are five advantages to choosing concrete for your pool build.

  1. Concrete pools are built to last, giving you an edge for durability over other types. The solid construction is meant to withstand climate differences that can damage other pool construction.
  2. With fiberglass and vinyl pool shells, you are often limited on the pool designs available. With concrete, your pool can be designed to fit your landscape and vision for your backyard – you can make it unique to fit your style.
  3. Depth. Want a deep pool? Concrete pools can be made deeper than pre-formed shells of other types, great for those who want to dive or swim deep.
  4. Value. In many cases, a concrete pool will add more value to your home than other options due to the durability. Even if you sell your home ten or more years from when it is installed, it will still have many years of enjoyment left.
  5. Vinyl and fiberglass shells must be able to be delivered whole, which can be a problem on some properties. A concrete pool is built on-site, so no access is needed to deliver the shell.

When it comes to design, value and durability, concrete pools can outperform their counterparts. You can make the pool of your dreams, without the limitations that can come with other options. To learn more about concrete pools, contact your local pool builder to find out the detail on design, cost and installation times.

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Five Reasons to Add a New Pool to Your Backyard

You bought your house knowing it had the perfect backyard to add a pool to someday. That someday is now. If you haven’t given in to your kid’s pleas to put the pool in yet, here are five reasons why you should go ahead and make your pool happen.

  1. Swimming is great exercise for persons of any age. You can get a great workout without all the stress on your body. Having it in your own backyard means you have access to a workout anytime you want, without anybody else there to bother you.
  2. Family fun. You know your whole family would enjoy a pool. You’ll watch little ones learn to swim for the first time and the big ones land their first belly flop. Family time together around the pool will make some great memories for years to come.
  3. Entertaining. Just think of how fun it would be to have all your friends over. You can have a nice evening out at your own home. Cook up a shrimp boil in your backyard and enjoy swimming together with a few or many friends.
  4. Teen hangout. You won’t have to wonder where your kids are because all their friends will want to be hanging at your house with the pool. This will make keeping tabs on your kids and their friends even easier.
  5. Relaxation. Nothing says relaxing more than sunshine and water. Whether your soaking up the sun beside the pool or while laying in the pool, you have the best spot right out your back door!

Exercise, family memories, and relaxation are some indisputable reasons to get your new pool started right now. Stop putting off the inevitable and make your family’s dream come true with a new pool in your backyard.

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The Best Pool for a Small Yard

If you are considering adding a pool to your home, but you have limited yard space, you may be limited on your options. Most fiberglass pools come in standard sizes, making it difficult to fit in a small yard or deliver to homes with limited space to access the back yard. When space is limited, one of the best options is an in ground concrete pool. Here are some of the advantages to building a concrete pool when you have a small yard and limited space.

  • Versatility. One of the biggest advantages to building a concrete pool is the versatile options in size and shape. In a small yard, you want to make the most of every square foot. Concrete pools can be built to make the most of your space, in different shapes or sizes, plus depth is customizable.
  • Design. Since concrete pools are built to your specification, you can get the design you prefer. Whether you want a modern look or a lagoon-style pool, it can be designed to fit your style and preference.
  • Value. Concrete pools are a permanent structure that can add value to your home. When built by a quality pool designer, your concrete pool can outlast many other options for dependability and longevity.

Concrete pools are a great option for any home, especially those looking to build a pool with certain specifications. Whether you want a pool in a certain shape or depth, or need to build in a small space, your options are limitless with a custom concrete pool. Talk to your local concrete pool designer to learn more about your design options.

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Choosing Your Pool Style

Are you planning a new pool for your home? Whether you are replacing an old pool or adding a brand new pool to your home, you have many decisions to make. What size of pool do you need? What type of construction and shell do you want? Which pool surface will you choose? There are dozens of other factors to consider, but one of the biggest will be the style and shape of your pool. Here are a few options to consider as you plan your new pool.

Traditional Pool Styles

If you prefer straight, clean lines or geometrical design, you will want to choose a traditional pool style. This is a more formal option, with an elegant appearance. Pools with a traditional style are often rectangle and are offset by tile, stamped concrete or brick decks. Features tend to be simple and classic.

Natural Pool Styles

For those who want a more elaborate or non-conforming design, a natural pool style is a better choice. These have curved edges that work with the landscape, offering a softer, more natural look. Adding free-flowing waterfalls with natural stone for the decking are common, with plenty of foliage surrounding the pool for a tropical feel.

Exotic Pool Styles

If you want a dramatic look for your pool, consider some of the more exotic pool styles. Infinity or zero-edge pools are excellent for those with a beautiful view, emphasizing the natural backdrop of your home.

Talk to your local pool construction company about the different options available in your pool style to make your new pool the perfect fit for your needs. This is a big, important investment in your home and you should get the pool that best fits your style.

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Finding the Right Contractor for Your New Pool

If you have finally decided it is time to add a pool to your home or replace an outdated model, you need an experienced pool contractor. While there are plenty of companies out there that will be more than happy to get your business, you want to make sure your new pool is installed to last for many years to come. Taking the time to find the right contractor that guarantees their work and has a solid reputation can save you thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. Here are a few things to check for when hiring your new pool contractor:

Warranty on Your Pool

Installing a new pool is a large expense, so you want to make sure it will last. Although most pool contractors will offer some type of warranty, not all warranties are created equal. Before hiring a contractor, ask about their warranty on:

  • Pool shell. Quality pool contractors will offer a lifetime warranty on your pool shell, so make sure your shell is covered.
  • Pool equipment. The equipment for your pool is mechanical and can be expected to need repairs and maintenance. However, a good contractor will offer a warranty of at least three years on pool equipment.
  • Leaks. Many contractors don’t warranty against leaks but the higher quality companies will guarantee against leaks for up to two years.

In addition to good warranties, you want a contractor that will make the process of installing a new pool easy from start to finish. Look for a contractor that offers 3D overviews on design so you can envision what your new pool will look like and be there through the final stage of filling up your new pool to ensure everything is working correctly.

Getting the right contractor for your new pool can make all the difference, so do your research before hiring any pool company.

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Fiberglass Versus Cement Swimming Pools

There is no end to the debates on which type of pool is better, fiberglass or cement. Most information you read is geared toward one or the other for sales purposes, making it difficult to know which is the best option. In truth, there is not a better option, only a better choice for the individual. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on what qualities you’re looking for in a pool.

Cement Pools

One of the most popular reasons for people to choose a cement pool is aesthetics. Cement pools can be custom designed, making them fantastic for those looking for a specific shape or design. They can be created to any size or depth, with many architectural aspects like tanning ledges and vanishing edges that are so popular right now.

Beyond design, however, there are drawbacks to a cement pool. Number one, these pools can require more maintenance and long term costs than a fiberglass pool. Most cement pools will need resurfacing after 10 or more years, plus require maintenance to keep algae at bay.

Fiberglass Pools

Although fiberglass pools offer somewhat limited design options, for many they are a better choice when it comes to long term maintenance and costs. Fiberglass shells are nonporous, making them resistant to algae, requiring fewer chemicals and less cleaning. Additionally, the fiberglass surface will not need the resurfacing that cement pools will need every 10-20 years.

Though cost efficient in the long term, fiberglass pools are quite limited in size and design. Most can only be sixteen feet wide since they must be able to be transported easily. For those who want a particular shape or exotic design for their pool, fiberglass pools may not give them the options they desire.

As far as initial costs, both cement and fiberglass pools can be comparable in price. The best choice for you will depend on your own priorities; design versus maintenance.  Your local pool builder can give you more information to help you decide which is the right pool for you and your home.

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