Enjoy the Benefits of Adding a Spa to Your Pool Area

Have you considered adding a hot tub or spa to your pool area? Pools and hot tubs provide two different water experiences, complimenting each other in function and aesthetics. If you are missing the massaging warmth of a spa in your back yard, keep in mind the benefits a hot tub can bring to your life and home.

Warm Up on Cool Nights

The pool may be wonderful for cooling off on a hot day, but when the pool is closed in January, you can still enjoy your spa. A hot tub can be used year-round – outdoor spas offer the combination of cool air and steaming water, an invigorating and relaxing options any time of year.

Ease Those Aches

If a tough day at work or at the gym leaves you sore, a spa is the answer to ease the ache of strained muscles. The heat and massaging effect of the water can loosen tight muscles and relieve stress, improving your health and mobility. Hot tubs are also wonderful for inflammation – those with arthritis and other inflammation issues can benefit from routine soaks in a heated spa.

Adult Area

When the kids take over the pool, adults can still enjoy the refreshing effects of the water in the spa. Make your hot tub a “adult-only” area and let the kids play in the pool. You can supervise the kids while still enjoying a soak outside.

A beautiful spa can complete your pool area. Contact your local pool contractor to discuss adding a relaxing hot tub to your pool area and enjoying the benefits of owning a spa.

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4 Ways to Give Your Old Pool New Life

Is your old pool looking drab after many years of use? While it may be functional, sometime old pools need some rejuvenation to keep them looking beautiful. There are ways to spruce up your pool area without remodeling the entire pool. Here are four suggestions to give your old pool new life for an improved pool setting at your home.

  1. Add a water feature. Sometimes all you need is a few bells and whistles to update your pool. Adding a waterfall or other water features can add some movement and beauty to your pool area. Pool lighting can bring these water features to life, especially at night.
  2. Resurfacing. It is incredible how big of a difference resurfacing your pool can make. Like painting an old house, it can make your pool look new again. If you have faded or stained areas on your pool surface, give it a makeover with a sparkling new pool surface.
  3. Add a spa. Even just adding a spa can change the look of your pool area. Talk to your local pool renovation company about beautiful options for spa additions to your pool.
  4. Pool decks and tanning shelves. If your pool is in good shape but just needs updating, consider remodeling the pool deck. Paving stones or tile can give your pool a lovely new border. You can also add features like tanning shelves to add dimension.

Your pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor living space. Make sure it looks its best to add beauty and value to your home. Call your local pool renovation specialists to discuss ideas to give your old pool a new look that you will love.

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5 Benefits of Adding a Home Spa

Everyone has experienced an enjoyable soak in a hot tub at some point. You may even have considered investing in one for your home. But if you have talked yourself out of adding a new spa or hot tub to your home, it may be time to consider the benefits of this home improvement. Home spas can offer benefits for your health, as well as add value to your home. Here are 5 benefits of having a spa in the comfort of your home.

  1. Relieve muscle aches and pains. If you are a weekend warrior or have an active lifestyle, you may come home with sore muscles from time to time. Hot, jetted water helps relieve muscle aches and pains after vigorous activity.
  2. Increase flexibility. Hot water allows you to stretch muscles for better flexibility that can reduce the possibility of muscle or ligament strains.
  3. Reduce joint pain. If you have inflammation or arthritis in your joints, you will love the pain relief you can have from a hot tub. The pressure of the water combined with the heat can reduce inflammation and joint pain.
  4. Stress relief. Relaxing in hot water with massaging jets can help melt away the stress of the day. This benefit alone is worth the investments into a home spa. Stress can negatively affect your health, both mentally and physically, so anything that relieves stress is a good investment.
  5. Add value. Spas can add value to your home; potential buyers can envision enjoying a hot soak after a long day at your home, striking an emotional chord in the sales process.

If you are finally ready to add a new spa to your home, call your local pool remodeling company. In just a few weeks you could be soaking in your own hot tub under the stars.

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