4 Elements that can Damage Your Pool Surface

Pool surfaces protect the shell underneath from leaks and damage, plus add beauty and safety for swimmers. Most pool coatings can last for several years or more, depending on the type of surface you choose. However, every surface is impacted by certain elements, causing wear and tear over the years. Here are the top four elements that can damage your pool surface, causing aesthetic and safety issues.

  1. Sunlight. You may enjoy laying in the sun at your pool, but those UV rays can be harmful, not just to your skin, but also your pool’s surface material. UV rays can fade and breakdown surfaces, impacting the beauty of your pool.
  2. Poor chemical balance. If your water quality is poor due to fluctuations in the PH balance, it can harm your pool surface. You may notice pitting in the surface caused by chemical imbalance. This can cause the surface to become rough or wear through, increasing the chance for leaks,
  3. Algae and leaves. Algae that grows in your pool water and leaves that fall into your pool can cause dark stains on your pool surface. While a stain does not impact the function of the surface, it is unattractive.
  4. Minerals and rust. Mineral deposits, rust and chemical reactions to metals can leave green, brown or other colored stains on your pool’s surface.

If you begin to notice your pool’s surface is wearing through, stained or you are concerned you are leaking water, contact a pool renovation professional. They can inspect your pool and discuss the options for resurfacing your pool. It can protect your pool and make it look like new again – ask about pool surfaces that are designed to resist fading and last longer for the best value.

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5 Ways to Improve the Safety of Your Pool

Enjoying your swimming pool with friends and family is easier when you know your pool is prepared for safety. Pools offer a wonderful way to relax, cool off and exercise, but they do pose a risk when safety is not a priority. Here are five ways to improve the safety of your pool to ensure everyone is protected from injury and health concerns.

  1. Water quality. Maintaining the right chemical balance keeps your pool water safe. Harmful bacteria can grow in pools with poor water quality. Make sure to check your pool regularly or hire a pool service to maintain your pool.
  2. Life preservers and floats. Even if everyone in your household can swim, you may have guests that are not great swimmers. Every pool should have life preservers and floats to aid someone struggling to stay afloat.
  3. Maintain pool equipment. Inspect and repair pool ladders, loose pool deck tiles and other equipment regularly to avoid injuries.
  4. Add a fence. Your pool should have a fence to keep it off limits to pets, neighbors and children when not supervised by you or another adult. Your pool fence should have a self-closing, self-locking gate.
  5. Check your pool drain covers. Broken drain covers can cause suction that can hold a child or small person underwater. Drain covers should be replaced if they are cracked or have loose screws and should be rounded in design.

Keep your pool safe for everyone by following these tips. Your local pool service can help you repair and maintain your pool to ensure it is a safe, healthy place to enjoy time with your friends and family.

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Backyard Swimming Pool Water Testing 101

Keeping your pool water balanced and safe is a vital part of pool ownership. Understanding the chemical composition of your pool water can help you maintain a healthier pool and protect your family. Here are some the basics about pool water testing to give you a better understanding of how to maintain your pool.

Testing Kits

While testing strips can give you a basic overview of your pool water’s pH balance, they are not the most accurate measurement. Invest in a backyard pool water testing kits for a better overview of your pool water. These come with more advanced testing options to monitor chlorine, pH, calcium, alkalinity and more accurately.

Testing Mistakes

Even when you have the right testing materials, you can still make simple mistakes that can affect the results. Here are a few common mistakes that pool owners make when testing their pool water:

  • Reagents. Make sure to check expiration dates on your reagents. Also, if they freeze it can impact their validity; make sure there are no solids inside if they have thawed after being frozen. Make sure to use the right cap on each reagent to avoid cross-contamination and hold bottles vertical to get the right drop size.
  • Clean tubes. Testing tubes need to be thoroughly cleaned after each use and kept sealed to prevent contamination.
  • Water sample. Make sure to go at least a foot down into the pool water to get your sample. Fill to the right sample size, using the fill line as a gauge.

If you have trouble getting your pool water balanced, call in the professionals. You can waste significant amounts of time trying to get your water balanced. Let your local pool service balance your pool to make it easier to maintain or hire them to keep up with your pool maintenance for you.

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How Long Does It Take to Resurface a Pool?

For in-ground, concrete pools, the surface is important for aesthetics and maintenance. A quality surface can reduce the cost of maintenance and makes it easier to maintain the right chemical balance, as well as protect the pool. While most quality surfaces can last several years, eventually they do need replacement. So, how much time should you plan to be without your pool during a pool resurfacing?

First, it will depend on the type of resurfacing and the size of your pool. If your old surface needs to be removed, that can take a day, then adding the new surface and often it is acid washed as a final step. Once in place, it does need to cure. You should plan the process will take a few days to complete, depending on the company you hire to install, the product and the size of your pool.

Although it may not take long to resurface the pool, it can take a few days to fill and get the chemical balance correct. You want to ensure the water is safe and the surface is completely cured before you begin using your pool again. Your pool renovation company can give you exact expectations on how long it will take, start to finish, to get your pool resurfaced and ready to use again.

While you will lose use of your pool for a short period, resurfacing is worth the trouble. It can give your pool a new look and protect it for many years to come. To learn more about the process, talk to your local pool resurfacing company to get specifics on getting your pool resurfaced.

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Tips on How to Hire a Pool Cleaner

Are you tired of spending more time cleaning and maintaining your pool than enjoying it? Maybe it is time to hire a pool cleaner and maintenance service. Pool services can offer a higher level of care for your pool while giving you more free time to enjoy beautiful days in the pool, not cleaning it. To find the best service for your needs, here are a few tips on hiring a quality pool cleaner.

  • Research your options. Find a pool service that has experience and has an excellent reputation in your community. Ask friends and neighbors for referrals and checkout online reviews. Make sure the company is licensed and insured, not just a handyman with a few pool cleaning tools.
  • Check out their services. Choose a pool service that offers more than just pool cleaning. You want a company that you can trust when you need other services like repairs or installation of new pool equipment.
  • Full service pool cleaning. Make sure the company you hire offers full service and will supply all the needed chemicals and equipment to service your pool. One of the benefits of hiring a pool cleaner is the money it saves on buying the supplies to do it yourself.
  • Flexible service options. You need a pool service that will work around your schedule. Find a pool service that will be on time and complete your maintenance at a convenient time for you.

Put down the pool brush and chlorine this summer and enjoy the advantages of having a professional maintain your pool. Take the time to find a reputable, experienced pool service that guarantees quality to ensure you get the best results.

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How Often Should Have Your Pool Cleaned?

Keeping your pool clean is an important aspect of owning a pool. It is evident when you go too long without a cleaning service – the color of the water can change, debris is floating on the surface and the walls of the pool can become dingy. You want a clean pool for safety and to protect your investment. Knowing how often to clean your pool can keep it from becoming unsafe and put less stress on your pool equipment.

Cleaning frequency for pools depends on a few factors. How many people swim in your pool and how often? If you have kids that have their friends over throughout the summer to swim, you are going to need to clean your pool more often. Those that only use their pool a few times a week for a quick swim may not need to clean it as often. Weather and environment can play a part, too.

For most homes, a weekly pool cleaning is recommended. Some of the services that should be done weekly include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing the walls
  • Cleaning the skimmer
  • Cleaning the tiles along the water line
  • Shock the pool and maintain the PH balance
  • Remove any debris

In addition to weekly cleaning, there are some maintenance services to help keep your pool clean that should be done every few months. Thoroughly cleaning your filters, including degreasing them is one task that may be needed every 2-3 months.

Having a professional pool service that comes out once a week is the best way to ensure your pool is kept clean and safe. They can perform the weekly cleaning steps and do other maintenance on a less frequent basis.

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Why Pool Maintenance Is Critical

Owning a swimming pool can offer so much enjoyment and benefits for your family. Nothing beats cooling off in the pool on a hot summer day and swimming is excellent exercise to keep your family fit. However, owning a pool also comes with responsibilities – maintenance is necessary if you want your pool to be safe and secure. Here are some of the main reasons why pool maintenance is critical.

Clean Water

Keeping your pool’s PH balance at a safe level and the water clean is important for health reasons. Not only does a dirty pool look disgusting, dangerous bacteria can be swimming in the water that can make your family sick or worse. Using the right chemicals on a regular basis to maintain a safe pool needs to be a top priority for pool owners.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Pool maintenance can help catch small issues with your pool equipment before they become expensive repair problems. Regular inspection of your pool pump, filters and other equipment can identify parts that need replacement. If you hire a professional pool service, they can inspect all components to ensure that your pool is in good condition every time they clean and service your pool.

Promote Swimming Safety

Maintenance is key in keeping your swimming area safe for your family and guests. Regular inspections and repairs on your pool deck, ladders, pool fencing and cover can ensure your pool remains safe.

While you can perform some pool maintenance yourself, consider the benefits of hiring a professional pool service for routine inspections and service. Trained technicians can spot issues that you may not notice that need services to help to keep your pool safe and protect your investment.

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Common Swimming Pool Mistakes

Swimming pool maintenance is not difficult, but it does require a commitment to frequent maintenance and testing.  If you prefer to enjoy your pool rather than maintain it, consider hiring a good local pool service to handle the pool cleaning and maintenance.  They will handle cleaning the pool, adjusting the chemical balance, and take care of your other pool maintenance needs so you can spend more time enjoying your sparkling clean pool.

First, check your pool chemistry at least twice a week and make any necessary adjustments right away.  It is much easier to keep a pool in balance than it is to clean up a pool that has been let go.  Small, frequent adjustments are the best way to keep the pool chemistry in the proper balance.  Add pool chemicals in the evening so they are not adversely affected by the sun.  The chemicals will be more effective because they will have all night to work.

Keep your pool’s pH level below 8.0, preferably around 7.5, to allow the chlorine in the pool to work effectively.  You should also keep the pool’s alkalinity between 80 and 140 ppm to keep the water in balance and sanitized.  Run your pool pump at least ten to twelve hours a day in the summer and eight hours in the winter.  Good pool circulation is important for a clean, healthy pool so the more you run the pump the cleaner the pool will be. If your skimmers are clogged with leaves and other debris, your pump will work harder and you will have poor water circulation.  Clean your skimmers frequently.

Finally, if you have a sand filter, don’t backwash it too frequently.  You will waste water, need to use more chemicals, and these filters work more efficiently when they are not cleaned too often.  Wait until the pressure gauge indicates that it is time to backwash the filter

Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water is more than just unsightly, it is a safety hazard.  If you cannot easily see the bottom of your pool, you should not be swimming in it.  First of all, cloudy pool water is unsanitary.  The water is cloudy due to a chemical imbalance, improper filtration, or both.  In any event, swimming in cloudy pool water increases the risk of getting sick from pathogens in the water.

In addition, if you can’t see the bottom of the pool, it’s dangerous to dive into the water. You could hit the bottom and cause a severe injury.  Finally, if an accident did happen, it would be difficult for anyone else to see the victim on the bottom of the pool.  People have drowned in cloudy pools without anyone noticing.

The bottom line is get that cloudy pool cleared up.  A sparkling clear pool is not only beautiful, but it is safer.  There can be many different reasons for cloudy pool water.  Your filter may not be working properly, or your pump may not be pumping water through the filter at the right rate.

In addition to filter problems, chemical imbalances can cause the pool water to become cloudy or milky.  The easiest way to correct a chemical imbalance is to take a sample of your pool water to your pool supply center.  They will analyze it and recommend the chemicals needed to bring your pool water back into balance.

If your water is still cloudy, it may be due to particles that are too small to be captured by the filter.  A pool clarifier will cause the particles to clump together so the filter can remove them from the water.

If all this sounds like a hassle, consider using a reputable local pool service.  A good pool service can quickly take care of all your cloudy pool water issues.