Cleaning Your Salt Water Pool Equipment

Salt water pools offer many benefits for homeowners that want to enjoy swimming in water that does not use excess chlorine. Salt water generators keep pool water sanitized without needing to constantly add chlorine. The salt water pump generates naturally-occurring chlorine for sanitization. This reduces the smell and negative effects of chlorine while still reducing the growth of harmful bacteria and algae. Many people enjoy the feel of a salt water pool without red eyes, dry skin or discolored hair from excess chlorine. To keep a salt water generator working as it should does require maintenance, including occasional cleaning.

How to Clean Your Salt Water Generator

Salt water generators or pumps can become clogged and may need cleaning about once per swimming season. Hard water calcium buildup, too much salt or debris can clog the pump and cause problems for your salt water pool system. You can clean the pump or salt water cell yourself with a little know-how. This includes:

  • Draining your salt water generator
  • Plugging up the pump
  • Adding a cleaning solution for salt water pumps
  • Soaking the pump
  • Scrubbing the pump clean
  • Rinsing the pump with water
  • Unplugging, starting and filling the pump again

Doing this process at least once each summer or when your pump is clogged can help maintain your salt water generator. This can help extend the life of your equipment and prevent sanitization problems from a non-functioning salt water generator.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your pool’s salt water generator yourself or just don’t have the time, contact your local pool service company. You can enjoy the benefits of your salt water pool without the headache of maintaining your pool equipment with the help of your local pool service professionals.

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How Often Should Have Your Pool Cleaned?

Keeping your pool clean is an important aspect of owning a pool. It is evident when you go too long without a cleaning service – the color of the water can change, debris is floating on the surface and the walls of the pool can become dingy. You want a clean pool for safety and to protect your investment. Knowing how often to clean your pool can keep it from becoming unsafe and put less stress on your pool equipment.

Cleaning frequency for pools depends on a few factors. How many people swim in your pool and how often? If you have kids that have their friends over throughout the summer to swim, you are going to need to clean your pool more often. Those that only use their pool a few times a week for a quick swim may not need to clean it as often. Weather and environment can play a part, too.

For most homes, a weekly pool cleaning is recommended. Some of the services that should be done weekly include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing the walls
  • Cleaning the skimmer
  • Cleaning the tiles along the water line
  • Shock the pool and maintain the PH balance
  • Remove any debris

In addition to weekly cleaning, there are some maintenance services to help keep your pool clean that should be done every few months. Thoroughly cleaning your filters, including degreasing them is one task that may be needed every 2-3 months.

Having a professional pool service that comes out once a week is the best way to ensure your pool is kept clean and safe. They can perform the weekly cleaning steps and do other maintenance on a less frequent basis.

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What Is the Best Way to Keep Your Pool Maintained?

The pleasure of having your very own crystal clear swimming pool is one of the many joys of summer living. Lying poolside in the warmth of the sun, you will be able to relax if know that your pool is professionally maintained and ready whenever you are, to enjoy and entertain.

There are a few things to consider when searching for a professional swimming pool service and repair company in your area. A top quality pool service will provide the following professional services for your home swimming pool:

  • Pool Construction and Repairs
  • Leak Detection
  • Pool Repairs
  • Decking Installation
  • Spa Service and Repair
  • Pool Remodeling

Pool maintenance can be a full-time job for the average homeowner. It takes an efficient filtration system and constant cleaning to keep your pool looking good and properly maintained, and who’s got time for all that?  Professional pool service technicians provide excellent pool care and save you the time and hassle involved. They will keep your swimming pool in perfect condition all year long, so all you need to do is call and relax by the poolside.

Just think of all the details involved in keeping your pool properly maintained:

  • vacuum and skim the pool,
  •  brush the walls,
  •  check water balance,
  •  check, clean and maintain filters and skimmers
  • check your pool’s automatic cleaning system, and
  • make any necessary repairs or adjustments to your equipment.

Keep your home swimming pool in pristine condition all year long, ready for you to take that exhilarating plunge. A local professional pool service and repair specialists and can take care of all that on a regular schedule. With professional care, your pool will last for years and years.

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