5 Traits to Look for in a Pool Contractor

When preparing to add a new pool or renovate an existing pool, you want a contractor that you can trust. Pool installations are a major investment and you want to ensure it is done right. While there may be many companies that offer pool installation, not all are created equal. Some subcontract much of the work or may be landscapers that offer pool installation on the side. Here are five traits to look for in a pool contractor to ensure you get a qualified expert to install or renovate your pool.

  1. They have their own in-house crews. You want a pool contractor that specializes in pool installations and does not need to subcontract the work. This means one company doing everything from start to finish.
  2. An excellent warranty. Find a pool contractor that offers lifetime warranties on their shotcrete pools or fiberglass shells. You also want a warranty that covers the workmanship for at least a year.
  3. Landscaping and hardscapes can be completed by your contractor. Often you will need to add new landscaping, fencing and hardscapes with your pool. Make it easier by finding a contractor that offers these services.
  4. A project manager will oversee your pool installation. You want a company that give you a single point of contact that will be available throughout the build to answer questions or concerns.
  5. Excellent reputation and testimonials in your area. Choose a pool contractor that has a long-standing reputation for quality work in your area with local testimonials and examples of their work.

Choosing the right pool contractor can ensure your pool build goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure to vet your contractor to ensure they have all these traits to get your new pool off to a great start.

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Sell Your Home Faster with Pool Resurfacing

The aesthetic elements of your home make a significant difference when you are trying to sell your home, including your swimming pool. While your pool may be in good condition, if it has surface stains or a faded surface, it can impact the appearance. One improvement you can make that will enhance the overall beauty and desirability of your home is pool resurfacing, helping you sell your home faster.

Aesthetic Impressions Impact Home Buyers

It is not just curb appeal that is important for selling a home. Buyers are impacted on many aesthetic features, from the kitchen and living areas to your backyard and pool. The aesthetic impression when a buyer views your home may not be as important as size, location and price, but it does differentiate your home from others that are similar.

Resurfacing a worn-looking pool can help buyers envision enjoying your home as their own. It enhances the aesthetics of the outdoor space, which is one of the factors that can make a home more desirable over others in the same area and size class. The investment can pay off by enticing buyers to pick your home as their preferred choice, helping you sell quicker in a competitive home selling market.

If you are planning on selling your home and your pool has a deteriorating surface, consider resurfacing before your put your home on the market. It can enhance the beauty and value of your home, which can lead to more interested buyers and bids for your home. Talk to your local pool remodeling contractor to learn about cost-effective options for resurfacing and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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Five Ways to Transform Your Old Pool

Is your backyard pool functional, but forgettable? Many homes have pools that were added as an afterthought when the home was built, with no frills, only function. While any pool is better than no pool at all, there is a big difference between a basic pool and one with all the bells and whistles. Transform your boring backyard into your own tropical paradise with these five pool renovation ideas.

  1. Resurfacing. Sometimes something as simple as resurfacing can make a big difference in the look and style of your pool. You should resurface every 5-10 years, so why not take this opportunity to give your old pool a new look?
  2. Lighting. Lights can brighten your pool, especially for those late nights on the patio with friends and family. Add some fiber optic lights around and in your pool for a dramatic night effect.
  3. Rock formations. Want a natural look for your pool area? Have your pool contractor build a rock wall or formation that gives your pool the appeal of a tropical pond.
  4. Water features. Add a waterfall to go with your rock formation to make the ultimate garden pool for your backyard. Change your boring pool into the tropical oasis you always wanted.
  5. Fire features. Combining water with the sparkle of fire always has stunning results. Imagine the flames reflecting off the surface of your pool at your next party.

There is no reason to live with a generic pool when there are so many options to make it spectacular. Call your local pool remodeling specialist and begin designing a new look for your backyard pool.

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5 Reasons to Renovate Your Pool This Summer

Does your pool look old, dingy and outdated? It may be time to plan a pool renovation. Pool surfaces become worn, stained and faded over time and need to be resurfaced to protect your pool and improve the aesthetics. If you are hesitant to spend the money into a pool renovation, here are five excellent reasons why it is worth the investment.

  1. Protect your pool. If the surface on your pool is ten or more years older, it most likely needs resurfacing. The surface of your pool helps protect the shell or cement underneath for a longer lifespan.
  2. Rejuvenate an old pool. Nothing can transform a pool quicker than resurfacing. Adding a new surface that is brilliant in color or texture can make an old ugly pool look new and beautiful again.
  3. A home oasis. You deserve an outdoor area that is your oasis from the world. Adding a spa or waterfall feature to your pool can help create your own little paradise in your backyard.
  4. Value. Your pool can add or subtract from your home’s value. An old pool can lessen the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Keep your pool looking great to maintain a higher value for your home.
  5. A new surface for your pool can help reduce slips and falls. You can also enhance other aspects of your pool through renovation to increase the functionality.

Keep your pool looking great with a remodel this summer. Talk to your local pool renovation specialists to find out about all the options available to give your pool a makeover.

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