Cool Design Elements for Updating Your Pool

Does your swimming pool have a drab or dull appearance? Or maybe it is bright and brilliant, but you would prefer a softer natural style or a clean, modern look. There is no reason to consider replacing a pool due to style – a few updates can transform your pool. Consider updating your pool with these cool design elements.

Resurface for a New Look

One of the quickest ways to update your pool without much fuss is resurfacing. For older pools with stains and faded areas, a new surface can make them look new again. Resurfacing can also change the color or brilliance of your pool, while protecting the base lining to extend the lifespan.

Rock Work, Waterfalls and Stone Pool Decks

If natural stone is your favorite element for your outdoor spaces, consider adding more stone to your pool area. Pool renovators can add rock work as a backdrop to your pool and spa, or a waterfall with natural stones to create a realistic oasis. Natural stone can also be used around your pool – consider a gorgeous marble or travertine pool deck.

Light Up the Nights

Pools are not just for sunbathing – a cool dip on a warm night is a great use of your pool. Plus, your pool is the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Light it up with fiberoptic lighting that can infuse color and light into the night for entertaining after dusk.

Your pool does not need to be boring or outdated. Discuss a pool design upgrade with resurfacing, features, natural stone or new lighting with your local pool renovation specialist. Use one or more options to update your pool and give your outdoor space an enhanced appearance.

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Choose the Pool Waterfall to Match Your Style

Do you want to upgrade your swimming pool with a waterfall? You may already have an image in mind of the waterfall you want, but you may not realize how many different options are available for pool waterfalls. From large, cascading “natural” waterfalls to contemporary designs that offer an artistic spray of water, you can find a waterfall that will match your style and add the movement and sound you want for your pool area.

Modern Arch Waterfalls

If you have a sleek or modern pool design, you may want to match your waterfall to your pool style with an arch design. These waterfalls are more like a spout that pours and arches water into the pool. The spouts come in many shapes and sizes, offering an artistic option to add water movement in your pool.

Traditional Rainforest Waterfall

For the traditional natural waterfall that cascades over rocks into your pool, you want a rainforest waterfall. These can be a small formation of rocks on the ledge of your pool or a large wall of boulders that showers water with a relaxing sound of moving, splashing water.

Water Wall or Water Curtain

Another option that is popular is the water wall or curtain. This uses a straight line of water that flows directly down, creating the wall or curtain of water. The sound is amazing and the design compliments many of the more modern pool designs like infinity pools.

To explore all the different options available in waterfalls and water features for your pool, contact your local pool remodeling contractor. You can find the perfect waterfall to match your style and improve the beauty of your pool area.

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