Cleaning Your Salt Water Pool Equipment

Salt water pools offer many benefits for homeowners that want to enjoy swimming in water that does not use excess chlorine. Salt water generators keep pool water sanitized without needing to constantly add chlorine. The salt water pump generates naturally-occurring chlorine for sanitization. This reduces the smell and negative effects of chlorine while still reducing the growth of harmful bacteria and algae. Many people enjoy the feel of a salt water pool without red eyes, dry skin or discolored hair from excess chlorine. To keep a salt water generator working as it should does require maintenance, including occasional cleaning.

How to Clean Your Salt Water Generator

Salt water generators or pumps can become clogged and may need cleaning about once per swimming season. Hard water calcium buildup, too much salt or debris can clog the pump and cause problems for your salt water pool system. You can clean the pump or salt water cell yourself with a little know-how. This includes:

  • Draining your salt water generator
  • Plugging up the pump
  • Adding a cleaning solution for salt water pumps
  • Soaking the pump
  • Scrubbing the pump clean
  • Rinsing the pump with water
  • Unplugging, starting and filling the pump again

Doing this process at least once each summer or when your pump is clogged can help maintain your salt water generator. This can help extend the life of your equipment and prevent sanitization problems from a non-functioning salt water generator.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your pool’s salt water generator yourself or just don’t have the time, contact your local pool service company. You can enjoy the benefits of your salt water pool without the headache of maintaining your pool equipment with the help of your local pool service professionals.

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Is Pool Service Worth the Investment for Your Commercial Pool?

If you have a commercial pool at your business, you may want to save money by having your regular staff perform routine maintenance. While your janitor can add water when needed or skim out the debris floating in the pool, they are not pool experts. Here is why it is worth the investment to hire a professional pool service to maintain your commercial swimming pool.

Quality Cleaning

The cleanliness of your commercial pool reflects on your business. A dirty pool can reflect poorly on the quality of service you provide your customers and guests. A professional pool maintenance company can ensure your pool stays sparkling clean. Not only does this look better, it is safer for your customers. Proper cleaning and chemical balance can prevent illnesses; you could be liable if your customers contact an infection or illness from swimming in a dirty pool.

Protect Your Pool Equipment

Your janitor or staff can perform simple pool maintenance but it is unlikely they are pool equipment experts. Hiring a pool service ensures your pool equipment is maintained properly to help extend the life of your commercial pool. Plus, pool professionals can routinely inspect your equipment and catch needed maintenance and repairs before they cause bigger problems for your business.

Safety Concerns

Some pool services offer more than just pool cleaning and maintenance. Keep your guests safe and prevent injury accidents by hiring a pool service that offers lifeguard services.

Don’t leave the maintenance of your commercial swimming pool to your staff. Hire a professional pool service that offers maintenance for commercial pools. It is worth the investment to prevent pool problems and protect your business and customers.

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How Quickly Can Algae Grow in Your Pool?

When you pool water has already turned green or there is algae slime on your pool walls, you know you have a chemical balance problem. Your pool needs a thorough cleaning and a balancing of the chemicals to get the algae growth under control. While it may seem like it could take a week or more for algae to take over your pool, it can happen quicker than you think.

Algae Grow Fast in Warm Water

It does not take weeks, or even days, for algae to begin multiplying in warm water. If the chlorine levels get too low in your pool, algae can begin flourishing in less than 24 hours. This means if you have not looked at your pool under the cover or checked the chemical balance in a few days, algae could already be multiplying at a high rate. While algae are not dangerous, they are unappealing and can allow bacteria growth that can be harmful to humans. It is best to keep algae growth under control to keep your pool clear, clean and healthy.

If you notice a green haze in your water from algae growth, you may need to shock your pool and run the pump for several hours afterward. This will help filter the water completely to remove all algae and ensure the chemicals are completely distributed through the pool.

For those with ongoing algae issues, it may be worth investing in a pool service to keep your chemical balance maintained. A professional pool service can evaluate your system and ensure your pool water is kept balanced to keep those nasty algae from growing in your pool.

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Take a Break from Pool Cleaning

Has your pool become more of a chore than a place to chill? Swimming pools are a wonderful luxury to have at your home, but they do require ongoing maintenance. Cleaning, chemical balance, repairs and other pool chores can take hours of your free time each week. If you want to spend more time enjoying your pool instead of maintaining it, give yourself the gift of a pool cleaning service.

Many people do their own pool maintenance to save money. However, it is not easy or cheap to maintain your pool on your own. Scrubbing pool walls, scooping out debris, checking the water quality and adding the right chemicals need to be done constantly. Plus, filters need backwashing or replacing, and your pool pump and other equipment needs maintenance. Why not just hire a professional?

Pool Services May Cost Less Than You Think

It may seem like hiring a pool service is a waste of money, but you may be surprised on what the real cost is compared to doing your own maintenance. If you care for your own pool, you need to buy chemicals, equipment and use your valuable time to clean, drive to the pool supply store and complete weekly maintenance. When you add up the cost to do it yourself and look at the price of a professional pool service, it is more affordable than you may have thought. Plus, a professional pool service can help ensure your pool equipment is maintained, extending the life of pumps and other items that can be costly to replace.

Give yourself a break from pool cleaning and hire a professional. It is more affordable than you may believe and is worth every penny to give you more time to enjoy your life.

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Is DIY Pool Maintenance Really Saving You Money?

If you have a pool, maintaining it can be expensive. There are water and energy costs, repairs and maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. Many pool owners look for ways to save on the cost of owning a pool and decide to take care of the pool maintenance themselves. While DIY home maintenance can save you money, pool maintenance may not be saving you as much as you think. Consider these cost saving benefits of hiring a professional pool service: 

  • No equipment. To keep your pool cleaning, you need vacuums, nets, brushes and other equipment. All this gear adds up; with a pool service, they will bring their own equipment.
  • Chemicals. It costs money to keep your PH balance levels safe in your pool. The cost of buying the chemicals, plus the time and gas it takes to shop for them all add up over the year.
  • Your time is worth money. How much time do you spend cleaning your pool and how much would that add up to is you were getting paid?
  • Preventing equipment failures. Professional pool services inspect your equipment to catch issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. This can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in repairs.
  • Improved maintenance. Professional pool maintenance companies use industrial equipment that can improve the cleanliness of your pool. Let the experts do what they do best.

When you add up the benefits, hiring a pool service can be a worthwhile investment. There is a cost to maintaining your pool, even if you do it yourself. Why not let professionals handle this chore and give you more time to spend enjoying your pool instead of maintaining it?

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Keep Your Pool Clean, Healthy and Ready to Use

An invigorating swim in your pool is one of the most pleasurable activities in your day. Let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun swimming in your pool than having to maintain it. There’s so much work involved in keeping your pool clean and all that equipment functioning properly. A professional pool service will help you keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy.

Leave all that work to your local pool service and repair company. Find the highest quality professionals to call when your pool needs servicing. For a pool that will be the envy of your neighbors, you want to make sure that the job is done right, every time.

Your local pool service technicians can provide a variety of services for your swimming pool including:

  • Swimming Pool Construction
  • Pool Remodeling
  • Pool Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Leak Detection
  • Pool Renovations
  • Waterfall Additions
  • Pool Decking

Most pool service companies can schedule cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. When you need special repairs and maintenance you can count on attention to detail and knowledgeable support that will provide you with care-free swimming pool ownership through this season and years to come.

Need supplies or accessories for your swimming pool?  Many local pool service providers offer a one-stop shopping option by carrying a full line of pool products and supplies as well.

Whether you have just built your dream swimming pool in your yard or enjoying an existing one, a professional pool service will keep your pool clean, maintained and ready for use. Find the local pool repair and service professionals you need to keep your swimming pool in great shape.

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4 Reasons to Use a Pool Cleaning Service

It is understandable to want to save money, especially when it comes to maintaining your pool. Just having a pool is a luxury and many people want to reduce the cost of this luxury by doing their own pool cleaning. While it is admirable to reduce your spending, you may not be getting the bargain you think by cleaning your own pool. Consider these four reasons that it may be a better option to hire a professional pool cleaning service.

  1. Cleaning supply costs. To clean your pool right, you need the right equipment. This means pool scrub brushes, nets and other equipment to maintain your pool. Professional services not only use their own equipment, they have better equipment that can do a higher caliber cleaning.
  2. Chemical costs. Keeping your pool chemical balance is important for safety. Not only can it be a pain and time consuming, those chemicals cost money. Don’t forget to add in the cost of running to the pool store into what you spend on chemical each year.
  3. Pool repairs. Do you know how to inspect and maintain every component in your pool? A professional pool service does. Inspecting your pool equipment is part of most cleaning services, which can help find and fix small issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems.
  4. Time is money. Your time is worth something. If you are spending 1-2 hours a week cleaning your pool, what is it worth to you to have that time back? Let the professionals do their job and enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it in your spare time.

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Give Yourself a Break this Summer with Professional Pool Maintenance

Having a clean, fresh pool to dive into on those hot summer days can’t be beat. Unfortunately, that often means hours spent each week cleaning and maintaining your pool before you can enjoy those benefits. You deserve the chance to relax by the pool during your free time. This year, let the pros take care of your pool and give yourself a break from pool maintenance.

Benefits of Professional Pool Care

It is not just the extra time you gain that make professional pool maintenance worth the investment. While you may think you are saving money by doing your maintenance yourself, you might be surprised how affordable professional pool maintenance can be. Once you add up all the costs of pool cleaning equipment, chemicals and gas running to and from the pool supply store, you might not be saving as much as you think.

Another good reason to use a pool maintenance service is the additional benefits you receive from professional expertise. Not only can they maintain the chemical balance of your pool and keep it healthy for your daily swim, they can alert you of problems with your equipment. A small problem can turn into a big expense if not fixed right away. Most professional pool services will routinely inspect your equipment to ensure that everything is working as it should.

This summer, call your local pool service company to get a quote for routine maintenance. There are different service levels to choose from that can fit your budget and pool use. Then, lay back and enjoy a whole summer of enjoying maintenance-free pool ownership.

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Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool ownership has its rewards and its drawbacks. While nothing beats a cool dip in the pool on a hot day, that pool needs constant maintenance to keep working properly. If a pool is not maintained, it can cost even more money to fix or repair. By creating a simple maintenance schedule, you can keep your pool in great working order and ready for that afternoon dip.

Daily And Weekly Maintenance

There are some things that should be checked daily, or at least every few days. By keeping up with these small maintenance chores, they can help you avoid big messes down the road.

  • Chemicals. Keeping the correct PH balance in your pool is much easier if you stay on top of it. Huge swings one way or the other makes it harder to control. Test your water daily if the pool is used regularly. Make sure you add chemicals, especially chlorine, at night. They will work better and last longer.
  • Filters. Make sure you are checking and emptying skimmer baskets or lint pots regularly. Debris can wreak havoc on your pool system, creating poor circulation. Consider a filter sock to keep out other debris.
  • Run the pump. Most pumps should be run for at least four hours a day. In peak season, this will most likely be closer to six or eight hours to make sure it is completely circulating and sanitizing.

Other maintenance such as checking the total dissolved solids and cleaning the filter need to be done every few months. For semi annual or annual pool maintenance, consider getting a good pool service to help you out. If you can take care of the daily and weekly maintenance, they can make sure the other systems are kept running smoothly. It is much easier and cost effective to keep your pool running then to have it repaired or replaced down the road!