6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Pool Service

Are your weekends spent cleaning your pool instead of enjoying the view poolside? Maybe it is time to hang up your pool net and let a professional pool service take over your maintenance. Many pool owners handle their own cleanings and maintenance in an effort to save money. Here are six reasons why hiring a professional pool service is a smart investment and worth every penny.

  1. Stop buying chemicals. You may save money by maintaining your own pool, but you still spend money on maintenance. Stop buying chemicals and making trips to the pool supply store – your pool service will take care of it for you.
  2. Never miss a cleaning. Life gets busy and you may miss cleaning your pool once in a while. Keep your pool safe and healthy with scheduled pool service that ensures your pool is ready and safe for use.
  3. Catch pool equipment issues early. Pro pool service technicians are experts on pool equipment. Regular inspections can catch a pool issue early to prevent expensive and inconvenient problems down the road.
  4. Extend the life of your pool equipment. Well-maintained equipment lasts longer, saving you money on replacement. Professional pool service can ensure your equipment is kept clean and running efficiently for a longer lifespan.
  5. Enjoy your free time. You deserve to spend time in your pool instead of cleaning it. Your time is valuable – enjoy more of it with ongoing pool maintenance.
  6. Better maintenance. Most pool owners are not experts on pool maintenance. Your pool will be better maintained when you trust a pro to do the job.

This is the year to invest in hiring a professional pool service. Contact a local provider and begin reaping the benefits of having a pool professional maintain your pool.

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5 Myths About Chlorine in Pools

Everyone knows chlorine is used in most swimming pools to keep the water safe. However, you may be wrong about many other commonly held beliefs about chlorine. This chemical is strong enough to help control bacteria and other organisms that can make water unsafe for swimming and should be rinsed away after swimming to reduce damage to skin and hair. However, there are some beliefs about this popular pool chemical that are false, including these five myths.

  1. If the odor of chlorine is strong, there is too much in the pool. The smell of chlorine is what occurs when chlorine is evaporating, after it has done its job. In some cases, the smell of chlorine means the pool needs more, not less, of this chemical.
  2. Chlorine turns blonde hair green. No, chlorine is not the substance in pools that can give your hair an unwanted tinge of green. Copper is the culprit that can make blonde hair green.
  3. Chlorine stings your eyes if you open them under water. If it stings to open your eyes under water in a pool, this is not the fault of chlorine. Once again, you may not have enough chlorine as this is a symptom of unbalanced PH levels.
  4. Saltwater pools do not need chlorine. While saltwater pools require much less chlorine, they still use chlorine for shocking and chlorine is made naturally with salt.
  5. Swimmer’s ear is caused by chlorine. A clean, sanitized pool with chlorine is not the cause of swimmer’s ear. This condition is caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa – a common pathogen in pools.

Keeping your chlorine levels balanced is one of the best ways to maintain a safe, healthy swimming pool. Forget these myths about chlorine and talk to your local pool service about the proper way to use chlorine or chlorine alternatives to keep your pool water safe.

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Supplies You Need on Hand for Your New Pool

Having a pool at your home is a wonderful luxury, especially in the hot summer months. However, pools are a large responsibility and require constant maintenance to keep them clean and safe. There are many aspects to a pool that need constant attention, including the pump, filters and the water balance. To ensure that your pool is well-kept and ready for a dip when you and your family want to relax, your will want to keep certain pool supplies on hand to care for your new pool.

Chemicals For Water Balance

One of the main aspects of maintaining your new pool will be keeping a correct water balance. For this you will need chemicals and a way to check the chemical balance of your pool. Keeping the right PH balance and chlorine levels is necessary to keep the water safe and free of bacteria. You will need a good quality water testing kit as well as the chemicals to maintain the balance. Most people use chlorine, muriatic acid and baking soda as a alkali.

Tools For Pool Cleaning

Another part of pool ownership is cleaning the pool. You will want a leaf skimmer to remove floating debris.  If there is a large amount of falling leaves and debris in your yard, you may want a leaf net or pool cover to keep debris out when not in use. To clean the pool, you will need brushes to scrub the sides and bottoms.

Your pool pump and filters will also need regular cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you discuss with your local pool professional what you need to keep on top of your pool equipment to ensure it is well maintained.

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