6 Popular Pool Decking Options

If you are considering remodeling your pool decking or planning a new pool, there are many choices for pool deck materials. The pool deck is an extension of your patio or outdoor living space and should reflect your style. However, there is more to consider than just appearance when it comes to pool decking. Here are six popular choices for pool decking and the benefits of each.

  1. Concrete. The standard for pool decking is concrete, a safe and affordable option. For the budget-conscious, this can be the best choice but it is more costly to repair and lacks aesthetic appeal.
  2. Pavers. A stylish option with easy maintenance and repairs, pavers can be an excellent choice. Pavers can be man-made concrete or stone, depending on your preference and budget.
  3. Tile. For bright colors and elegance, tile can be stunning around the pool. However, it can be slick when wet, which can be a safety issue.
  4. Flagstone. For a natural appearance, flagstone can create a lagoon-like style for your pool area. Stick to lighter colors to keep the stone from becoming too hot in the sun.
  5. Travertine or marble. Veined marble or travertine is a gorgeous option for your pool decking. It stays cool and is non-slip for a perfect surrounding to your pool but it is more expensive than some other options.
  6. Wood. The beauty of wood can brighten your pool area but it does have drawbacks. Wood is high-maintenance, especially when exposed to water on a regular basis.

Choosing the right pool decking is important for the style, safety and maintenance aspects you prefer. Talk to your pool remodeling contractor to determine which is best for your budget and needs.

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Can Your Pool Be Refurbished?

A clean, inviting swimming pool is as close to being a life essential as you can get during those hot summer months. There’s nothing like the clear glistening water of your own private swimming pool to take the edge off your day and let you relax. Even with the best of care, pools can lose their luster and their inviting appeal. It’s good to know you’ve got professional care nearby when you need it.

Is your home swimming pool in need of renovation?  If you’re tired of your pool’s current state, the walls are faded or you’d just like to liven it up with a fresh new look, it is time to look for a professional pool remodeling contractor that will make it like new and make it last.

When it comes time to refurbishing your swimming pool, you need a professional pool remodeling contractor to evaluate the project and see to it the job is done right. They can help you choose remodeling options that will restore your pool to its former beauty, and fit your budget. Need new decking around your pool? Is your pool stained from, algae, metals in the water or chemicals? Pool resurfacing can add luster to your pool’s appearance as well as years to its life. A swimming pool renovation service can take care of all these issues.

No need to stay limited to your old pool design. A talented design team will have the experience and understanding you need to create a pool remodeling plan that’s perfect for you and your family. You can add water features and spas for the ultimate in luxurious swimming splendor.

When your pool renovation is professionally done, it will add years of enjoyment to your pool and without all the hassle you might expect. It will transform your pool from lackluster to the shimmering oasis you deserve.

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Three Great Ways to Update Your Pool for Summer

If you own a pool, it’s probably the centerpiece of your backyard. Every summer, barbeques or relaxing days at home are usually spent out by your pool, making it an important part of your home design. Whether you have an older pool or just a plain one in need of some pizazz, it may be time to consider some renovations. Here are three great ways to plan a pool update before the summer arrives.

  1. New surface. If you have a boring vinyl liner or your pool surface is starting to dull, a new liner can change the whole look of your pool. Consider changing to a natural option, such as travertine or marble, or brighten your pool with stylish tile.
  2. New features. Just adding on to your pool can give it a whole new look. Consider adding a spa for late night soaks. Other options include fire, light or water features to add to the aesthetic appeal of your pool with dramatic effects.
  3. New decking. Maybe your pool’s in great shape. but you still want a new look for the pool or patio area. Consider renovating your decking to give your pool a face lift. Natural stone can be a beautiful border for your pool, as can stamped concrete.

Early spring is the best time to plan your pool updates, before the busy pool season begins. You can get all your changes done and in place before the first big weekend of summer at the end of May. Call your local pool service company to begin planning your pool update now to beat the rush.

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Adding A Beautiful Pool Deck

Nothing accentuates your pool better than beautiful pool decking. If your deck is old, worn out or even worse, does not exist, it is time to create a deck that will be a pleasure to spend time on. There are many style and materials you can choose from to make the perfect landing area to surround your pool.


If you have plain concrete and want to just work with what you have, there are plenty of options. You can add boulders and other features to your pool decking and just resurface the concrete into something special. Some ideas:

  • Paint. Experienced pool renovators are creative in their designs and can paint your concrete in many ways. One idea to use blues and textures to create concrete that looks like water.
  • Glow-in-the dark. There is subtle paint that glows in the dark, perfect for pool areas. Create designs that look great during the day and glow in the night.


If you want an entirely new look, you can resurface the old pool deck. Tiles, both stone and ceramic can add natural beauty or brilliance to your pool deck. Talk with your pool designer about the hundreds of options you have to choose from.

New Pool Decking

If you are adding an entire deck where there was none before, you have a blank canvas and can make your deck into whatever you have dreamed of. This should be a reflection of your taste and a design that is beautiful, yet relaxing.

The area surrounding your pool should be as refreshing as your pool is. By giving your pool area a facelift, it will be even more enjoyable on those hot summer days and balmy nights!

Pool and Deck Renovations

Now that summer is over, and before the spring and summer swimming season begins, why don’t you consider a poolside renovation?  Your pool is a the meeting place for family and friends during the warm months.  Make it someplace that you love having friends over to, and one that you enjoy!

Pool remodeling can make a huge difference in your home appearance as well as the resale value of your home.  No matter how well you have had your pool maintained, after several years, long-term exposure to sun and chemicals begins to take a toll on your swimming pool.

The most cost effective way to update your pool is by completing a pool renovation project.  Started in the mid-winter, pool remodeling projects can be completed before the summer swim season begins.  Your pool can be a reflection of your personal taste and desires, reflecting the personal characteristics of your family and your home.

There are many pool designs to choose from, as well as complimenting decking and poolside structures.  Popular choices in pool remodeling projects include porcelain tiles, marble and travertine.  Additions of waterfalls or water ponds, and outdoor lighting can also be performed.  High quality materials will not only last a long time, but provide you with endless pleasure every time you step outside and see your pool area.

If you are ready to update the look of your pool and create your own personal outdoor oasis, contact your local pool service professional.  Together, they will help you design and create a pool environment that will fit the design of your home, and add to the value and beauty of your yard.  Starting the project now will allow for you to enjoy your new pool when summer time rolls around!