Save Time and Money with Pool Automation

Many homeowners have upgraded systems in their homes to automation. Garage doors can be opened with a cell phone and HVAC, lights, entertainment systems and much more can be all controlled from one device. The new technology makes life more convenient and can help manage costs – this includes your swimming pool. If you still have a manual system for maintaining your pool, it may be time to upgrade to a pool automation system.

Money and Time Saving Features

Pool automation systems give you easy access to the controls of your swimming pool and a simple way to manage your pool water and features. From temperature to pH balance, your pool’s systems are right at your fingertips. Most systems can be accessed through a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet; they can also be integrated into most home automation systems to keep all your controls in one place.

For saving money, an automation system can alert you when your chemicals need adjustment. This can help reduce extreme unbalance issues that can cost more to correct and lead to other issues within your pool. Many automation systems also allow control of temperature and water features, helping reduce energy use with remote management – you can turn down the heat when you know you will be gone a few days right from your phone.

Having all your features from lights and waterfalls to temperature and chemical controls in one place saves you time. No need to go out to the pool and check the pH level – you can do it from your couch or even when you are at work with pool automation.

Talk to your local pool service about the option of switching to a pool automation system – it could be worth the investment to save you time and money.

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