5 Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury, but it can also have benefits for your health. When used regularly, a pool can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to justify investing into a pool for your home, adding the health benefits to your list of “pros” can help make a good argument for pool ownership. Here are five health benefits that you may enjoy if you become a pool owner.

  1. Relaxation. Just relaxing by the pool can help your health. Taking the time to unwind can reduce stress and that alone can help improve your wellness.
  2. Great exercise. Swimming is excellent exercise, offering cardio and muscle toning at the same time. The water creates natural resistance for every move you make, giving you a full body workout.
  3. Reduce joint stress. The buoyancy of water helps reduce weight and stress on joints. Swimming and water aerobics are great ways for those with joint problems to get exercise without pain or joint stress.
  4. Reduce inflammation. If you suffer from arthritis or other types of inflammatory conditions, spending time in the pool can help. Warm water can create a balance pressure and help reduce inflammation.
  5. Cooling during hot weather. Overheating is not healthy. Pools give you a place to cool down during the hot summer months and enjoy exercise with less risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

If you enjoy swimming and want to have access to the water in your backyard, adding a pool is a great idea. It can add value to your home and you can gain many health benefits through pool ownership. Talk to your local pool contractor to get started on planning your new pool.

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5 Health Reasons to Install a New Pool

There are many reasons to add a pool to your home, including relaxation, entertainment and improving the value. But one of the best reasons to install a pool in your backyard is to keep you and your family healthy. A pool can be much more than just a luxury; it can be a great way to improve your health. Here are five health reasons to consider building a pool for your home.

  1. Weight loss. Swimming is a great way to burn calories and help you lose weight. Plus, it is cool and refreshing while you exercise to lose those extra pounds.
  2. Inflammation. If you have inflamed joints, aqua therapy can help reduce inflammation and pain. Pools are wonderful for those with arthritis or other forms of inflammation.
  3. Cardio health. Staying active is good for your heart. Swimming is great exercise and with a pool at your home, you can get your exercise in the privacy of your backyard.
  4. Stress release. Anything that helps you relax and releases stress is good for your health. If laying by the pool helps you unwind, this is a benefit to your physical and mental health.
  5. Tones muscles. Water offers resistance that can help you build and tone muscles while you swim. Not only do you work out your heart, but you can increase your muscle mass for improved strength and endurance.

If you have always wanted a swimming pool, but couldn’t justify it as only a luxury, think of the health benefits for you and your family. It may be worth the investment to finally get that relaxing, beautiful pool for your home.

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Five Reasons to Add a New Pool to Your Backyard

You bought your house knowing it had the perfect backyard to add a pool to someday. That someday is now. If you haven’t given in to your kid’s pleas to put the pool in yet, here are five reasons why you should go ahead and make your pool happen.

  1. Swimming is great exercise for persons of any age. You can get a great workout without all the stress on your body. Having it in your own backyard means you have access to a workout anytime you want, without anybody else there to bother you.
  2. Family fun. You know your whole family would enjoy a pool. You’ll watch little ones learn to swim for the first time and the big ones land their first belly flop. Family time together around the pool will make some great memories for years to come.
  3. Entertaining. Just think of how fun it would be to have all your friends over. You can have a nice evening out at your own home. Cook up a shrimp boil in your backyard and enjoy swimming together with a few or many friends.
  4. Teen hangout. You won’t have to wonder where your kids are because all their friends will want to be hanging at your house with the pool. This will make keeping tabs on your kids and their friends even easier.
  5. Relaxation. Nothing says relaxing more than sunshine and water. Whether your soaking up the sun beside the pool or while laying in the pool, you have the best spot right out your back door!

Exercise, family memories, and relaxation are some indisputable reasons to get your new pool started right now. Stop putting off the inevitable and make your family’s dream come true with a new pool in your backyard.

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5 Benefits of Owning a Pool

Have you been considering adding a pool to your home? The thought of having a cool place to relax and unwind on hot days is enticing. However, a pool has many more benefits than just the obvious enjoyment of swimming in your backyard. Consider these other benefits to pool ownership to give you even more reasons to make the investment.

  1. Healthy exercise. Swimming is a fantastic way to get exercise for your whole family. Not only is it fun, swimming also offers great cardiovascular benefits.
  2. Family time. Spending time in and around your pool is something the family can enjoy together. Quality family memories are sure to made throughout your years of owning a pool.
  3. Home value. A new pool adds value to your home. It is a popular amenity that can make your home easier to sell when the time comes.
  4. Why have a backyard BBQ when you can have a pool party instead? Think of all the fun times you will have with friends and family during gatherings at your home.
  5. Beauty. While no one would buy a pool just to look at, it does add beauty to your home. Add in water, light or fire features to make your pool the centerpiece of your backyard.

If you are ready to build a new pool for your home, take the time to find a quality pool builder in your local area. You will want a builder that offers different pool options and stands behind their work. Look for an experienced company that you can trust for this major investment. You will love the benefits of owning a pool if it is built right from the beginning.

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Designing Your New Pool: Contemporary vs Natural

Whether you are replacing an old pool or adding a brand new pool to your home, the process begins with the design. Before you decide between cement and fiberglass, size and the multitude of other options, you first need to decide on the basic design or theme. When it comes to pools, there are two basic options: contemporary or natural. Once you choose between these two options, then you can start working on all the other details.

Contemporary Design

For those that like dramatic lines or maybe a simplistic approach, contemporary will likely be the style you will want for your pool. Contemporary pools and spas are not ‘lagoon-like’ or pretend to be a natural body of water; they may be a simple rectangle. They are cleanly designed with straight edges and artful additions. Infinity pools or zero-edge options are popular for contemporary designs.  If your home is modern in design, a contemporary pool area makes perfect sense.

Natural Pools and Spas

If you want to create an oasis in your backyard that is reminiscent of a tropical island, a natural look is more your style. Curved lines for your pool and spa surrounded with natural stone and rocks with plenty of vegetation will be needed to transform your outdoor pool space. Adding features like waterfalls flowing over natural boulders can add the final touch.

Once you decide what direction you are going in for your pool design, your pool contractor can give you a plethora of options to make your vision come true. Regardless of the overall theme, in the end you will have a beautiful new pool to enjoy for many years to come.

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Five Great Reasons To Get A New Swimming Pool

Most people don’t need to be sold on the benefits of owning a pool; just the cool water on a hot summer day is usually enough to entice the average homeowner. However, it can be difficult to justify spending thousands of dollars for what may seem like just a luxury item. Although owning a swimming pool is a luxury, it does offer more benefits than just a dip in cool water on a hot day. Consider these five great reasons to invest in a new swimming pool for your home.

  1. Add value to your home. An in-ground swimming pool can add to the value of your home, making it more desirable to some potential buyers when it comes time to sell.
  2. Low-impact exercise. For those with joint problems or other physical limitations, swimming is excellent resistance exercise with little impact on joints.
  3. Great for entertaining. Nothing draws better attendance to a party than adding the word “pool” to the word “party” on your invitations.
  4. Family fun in your backyard. Pools are a great way to enjoy time with your family while getting some physical exercise. Swimming is fun and rewarding for kids when done safely, with adults supervising.
  5. Cool, clear water. Ultimately, the best reason to have a pool is often the most obvious. Hot days and cool pools are a perfect combination.

If you are ready to invest in a new pool for your home, there are many shapes, sizes and options from which to choose. Start your research by calling your local pool service company to find out what pool will be the best fit for your home and family.

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Choosing the Right In-ground Swimming Pool

While an above-ground pool is the most affordable option, many people like the permanence and look of an in-ground pool.  You have several options for in-ground pools if you are considering adding a new pool to your property.

Vinyl lined pools are the ideal choice if you live in a cooler climate since they hold up better to changing weather conditions.  It is a low maintenance option since you only need to drain it and cover it until the next season.  It is also less expensive, but must be replaced and can be damaged or torn.

Fiberglass pools are a valuable choice for pools since they add worth to your home’s resale price.  The entire pool is installed as one piece and requires fewer chemicals to keep it at the correct level.  This results in lower maintenance costs and less work.

Concrete pools are the most durable of the choices and can be custom made for a unique look.  They can be in different shapes than the traditional rectangle or round option.  They are the ideal choice in areas where the weather gets very hot and is not affected by soil expansion.  Concrete pools require very little maintenance and almost no pool repair since concrete is such a durable material.  However, this is the most expensive option for upfront costs.

If you are looking at adding an in-ground pool to your home, you should contact a pool services company.  They can answer your questions about the best choice for your lifestyle and climate.  They can also provide an estimate on the cost so you know what to expect before you begin.

How to Choose the Right Pool Decking

The only thing used in your pool area more than the pool is the decking.  It is important to choose the right kind of pool decking when installing your new pool to have a fun place to relax and entertain.  New pool decking can add new life to an existing pool and give it a fresh, new look.

Safety should be the first consideration when choosing the right decking material.  You will want something slip-resistant since it will often be wet.  You can add a substance to your sealant that will help it be skid-proof.  However, it must be reapplied to keep it working since it wears away over time.

If you choose concrete for your decking, it is advisable to get a patterned style to add traction.  Stamped concrete features a variety of colors and patterns that are lovely to look at and improve safety.

The style of the decking is also important and should go with the rest of your backyard area.  Decorative finishes or decking that can be stained can allow you to have color in your deck area.

If you plan to swim at night, you will also want to consider lighting.  You can add light fixtures to your walkway or to the area around the pool.

Consider the climate when choosing a pool decking.  If you live in an area where it gets cold during the winter, you will need decking that can hold up to snow and ice.  In warmer climates, the concern will be year-round sun that can damage the decking material.

Before choosing your decking material and design, you may want to talk to an expert who can guide you on the best decision.  They will show you the options and the pros and cons for each one to help you make the right selection.

Enhance Your Home with the Perfect Pool

If you are lucky enough to live in a city that is blessed with warm summers, why not make the most of it through the installation of a pool. Not only will it make your summers more cool and refreshing but in most cases, when designed properly a pool will also increase the value of your house.

Once you have made the decision to build a pool you need to think about the pool design including the shape, size and depth. Your pool builder will be able to help you choose the perfect pool design to meet your needs and fit your budget.  There are very few limitations  other than the size of the yard as to what you can do. However, before you make any decisions, think about how likely you are to sell the property in the following few years.  If you plan to sell the home within a few years,  consider choosing a pool design  that is most appealing to potential buyers rather than to specifically satisfy your own personal tastes.

The purpose of the pool is another factor that requires some thought.  For example, if you intend to use the pool for exercise then it needs to be designed with a reasonable length. The depth that you choose will also effect how you are able to use the pool as the integration of a slide or diving board will require the pool to be significantly deeper. Be warned that the use of these features can cause the pool to considered a hazard and may be more expensive to insure than a shallower pool.  A deep pool will also cause an increase in costs both at the time of construction and in terms of filling and maintaining it.  On the other hand, if you intend to use the space to primarily for relaxing and entertaining friends, it can be shallower and length is not as much of a concern.  Also, don’t forget to leave adequate space surrounding the pool for patios and deck areas.


Choosing Pool Size, Shape and Depth

One of the great benefits of living in Florida is the year round warm weather and there is no better way to enjoy the balmy weather than your own in-ground pool.  Pools can be built in an almost infinite variety of shapes and sizes.  When you are planning your pool, talk to your swimming pool contractor about the right size, shape, and depth to best fit how you plan to use your pool.

Also take into consideration how long you plan on staying in the home.  If you are thinking about a special purpose or very unique pool but may be moving within a few years, try to incorporate a more general purpose design that also fits your needs so that potential buyers see the pool as a positive rather than a negative.

A pool that will only be for recreational purposes should have a large shallow area and can be built in any shape.  Choose a shape that maximized the recreation opportunities for you and your family and friends while complementing your yard.  A large deep area of the pool that will go unused will significantly and needlessly increase the cost of building the pool, filling it with water, maintenance and pool service.

If you plan to use the pool for exercise, you will need a long, straight area at least four to five feet deep to avoid hitting the bottom while swimming. Diving boards and slides are popular, but also inherently dangerous.  Give some thought to the risks involved and talk to your homeowner’s insurance carrier before committing to a diving board or slide.

If you decide to include a diving or sliding area, you will need adequate depth.  Your pool contractor can help you decide the proper depth.  You may also be able to accommodate both a large recreation area and a diving or sliding area with an L shaped pool.