How are Gunite and Fiberglass or Vinyl Pools Different?

If you are planning on adding a new pool to your backyard, you may have plenty of questions. How long will it take to build your pool? How much will it cost? But before you can get answers to any of those questions, you need to decide on the type of pool you will be adding. This will impact how long it will take to build and the cost. Three of the most popular options are gunite/shotcrete, fiberglass and vinyl. Knowing the differences can help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.

Fiberglass Shell

Fiberglass shells come pre-shaped and formed for the size of your pool. The hole is dug the size of the shell and the plumbing is installed before the fiberglass shell is installed. These pools are less expensive than gunite or concrete pools and do have a long-life with little maintenance. Some shells come with a lifetime warranty but they are limited in size and shape.

Vinyl Liners

Vinyl liner pools attach to a premade structure in the ground. The liner is similar to an above-ground pool but sunken in the ground. These pools are the least expensive of all in-ground pools but they typically need to be replaced about every 7-10 years.

Gunite/Shotcrete/Concrete Pools

By far the most versatile, gunite pools are built to the depth, width and shape desired. The concrete is applied to a metal structure that can be designed to fit the needs of the homeowner. These pools can last for decades but do require resurfacing every 10 years or so. Gunite or shotcrete pools are the most popular pools due to their unlimited design potential but do cost the most.

To find out which pool is the best for your needs and budget, talk to your local pool contractor.

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