3 Signs Your Pool Has Issues

Your pool needs regular maintenance and with it, you can enjoy the benefits of your pool with few problems or breakdowns. However, there is always a chance of your pool needing repairs when equipment wears out or other problems occur. Here are three signs to watch out for that could be a warning that your pool has issues and may need a professional repair or service.

  1. Losing water. Is the water level of your pool going down quicker than it should? Losing water beyond evaporation and splash can be a sign of a leak. Plumbing, equipment and the pool lining itself can form leaks – it is important to hire a pool leak detection expert to find and fix your leak before it causes severe damage to your property.
  2. Dirty water. If chemicals and your filtration system are not preventing algae or dirty pool water, there is a problem. You may need your pool backwashed or the filter changed, or there may be a problem with your circulation or pump system. Call your pool repair company to determine the problem that is affecting the safety and cleanliness of your pool water.
  3. Loud or odd noises. If your pool pump and other equipment is making strange or loud noises, it is time to have it inspected by a pool repair company. It may need components repair or replaced. Don’t wait for it to stop working altogether; proactively have it serviced and repaired if needed.

Often, your pool service company can find pool issues before they become problems. Make sure to have your pool equipment serviced a few times a year to keep it running properly and to prevent many common pool problems.

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