How to Remove Pool Stains

Pool stains are bound to occur for a variety of reasons. Organic materials like leaves, algae and even living creatures like worms can decompose in your pool and leave stains on the surface. Metals in the water, from landscaping fertilizers or in the pool structure can also leave stains. Removing stains from your pool is not easy but it is possible. Here are a few tips on how to remove stains and ways to prevent them from occurring.

Scrubbing Away Stains

Like any hard surface with a stain, scrubbing is the best method to remove pool stains. However, this can be difficult when a stain is at the bottom of your pool. Using scrubbing pads with a stain removing substance like muriatic acid works on organic, copper and iron stains. To reach the bottom of the pool, you will need a scrubber with a long handle, preferably hollow, allowing you to apply muriatic acid directly to the stain while scrubbing.

Preventing Stains

While it is almost impossible to prevent all pool stains, you can minimize the chance of stains with maintenance. Keeping your pool clean and removing any debris quickly can prevent organic stains; use a pool cover whenever your pool is not in use. For metal stain prevention, the best protection is maintaining the correctly pH balance. Too much acid or alkaline is a common reason metal stains occur.

Removing stains is not easy and you may have to drain your pool to scrub away some stains on your own. It is simpler to call a pool cleaning service to have your stains removed by a professional that has the right equipment and knowledge to remove stubborn or difficult-to-reach stains in your pool.

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