Bucket Test for Leaking Pools

Do you think your pool is losing water? If you have a pool leak, you want to identify it as soon as possible to ensure it does not damage your property. However, pool water does evaporate and dissipate with use. To determine whether you may have a leak or are losing water from your pool, you can try the “bucket test” to see if you are losing water.

Setting Up Your Bucket Test

The idea of the bucket test is to check if water is evaporating or if there is water leaking from the pool. To do this test, you need to fill a bucket with pool water, about an inch from the top. Also fill your pool to its “full” level. Mark the water level in the bucket and put the bucket on the first or second step into your pool. Also mark the level of the pool water on the side pool or outside of the bucket.

Once your bucket and pool are set, run your pool as normal for at least 24 hours. The bucket and pool water should be similar temperatures, evaporating at the same rate. If after a day the level of your pool has went down farther than the level of water in the bucket, this can indicate a leak. While it does not tell you where the leak is, it does show that water is escaping from the pool beyond just evaporation.

If you suspect you have a leak, call your local pool service that offers leak detection and repairs. The pool service pros can quickly find where your pool is losing water and fix the problem before it causes serious damage to your property or home from erosion and water intrusion.

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