When is a Good Time for Installing a New Pool?

If you are envisioning yourself relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool during the hot summer months, you do not want to wait until summer. Planning, designing and installing a new pool takes time and summer is the worst time to schedule an installation. For new pools, start your project many months before summer to ensure you have the pool you want for the next swimming season.

Fall Planning

If possible, start your planning for your new pool in the fall, even if you are hoping for a spring or late winter installation. This gives you time to explore different design options and properly prepare for the project. After the summer months, pool services begin to slow down and have the time to discuss a new project, especially when you have months before you need installation.

Winter Preparation

Winter is a great time to begin getting ready for your installation. You can map out your yard and begin planning other aspects of your new pool area. You will want to consider landscaping that will match your pool style and have a design in mind to install with your new pool.

Early Spring Installation

The prime time for new pool construction is early spring or late winter. This gives you plenty of time for the installation and incorporating stylish touches before summer. By the time Memorial Day weekend arrives, you should be ready to throw your first pool party.

In warm regions of the country, pool installations can be done in any season, but avoiding the busy summer is always a good idea. If you have the time, plan ahead and work with an experienced pool contractor to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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