How Quickly Can Algae Grow in Your Pool?

When you pool water has already turned green or there is algae slime on your pool walls, you know you have a chemical balance problem. Your pool needs a thorough cleaning and a balancing of the chemicals to get the algae growth under control. While it may seem like it could take a week or more for algae to take over your pool, it can happen quicker than you think.

Algae Grow Fast in Warm Water

It does not take weeks, or even days, for algae to begin multiplying in warm water. If the chlorine levels get too low in your pool, algae can begin flourishing in less than 24 hours. This means if you have not looked at your pool under the cover or checked the chemical balance in a few days, algae could already be multiplying at a high rate. While algae are not dangerous, they are unappealing and can allow bacteria growth that can be harmful to humans. It is best to keep algae growth under control to keep your pool clear, clean and healthy.

If you notice a green haze in your water from algae growth, you may need to shock your pool and run the pump for several hours afterward. This will help filter the water completely to remove all algae and ensure the chemicals are completely distributed through the pool.

For those with ongoing algae issues, it may be worth investing in a pool service to keep your chemical balance maintained. A professional pool service can evaluate your system and ensure your pool water is kept balanced to keep those nasty algae from growing in your pool.

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