Do You Need Pool Service During the Winter?

In warm-winter climates, your pool may be closed for swimming during the cooler season. Many people shutdown their pool during the coolest months, but few people drain their pools in mild regions. Since there is still water in the pool, you need to consider the best way to reduce contamination. While you may not need regular weekly pool cleanings, it is still beneficial to keep pool service active during the winter.

Benefits of Winter Pool Service

The water in your pool during the winter will be the water you want to swim in come spring. It is easier to keep this water clean and sanitized than to decontaminate the water in a few months. Algae, bacteria and debris can create unhealthy conditions in your pool if the chemical balance is not maintained. Here are some benefits of scheduling pool service during the winter months:

  • Reduce stains and damage to pool from algae growth
  • Stay on top of pool maintenance with routine service
  • Easier and quicker to reopen pool in the spring

Winter pool service is not needed as often as during the swimming season. Schedule your pool service to come once a month to clean out any debris and balance the water chemistry. This will prevent damage to your pool and keep the water sanitary, making it a wise investment.

Even when your pool is closed for the winter, it needs maintenance to keep it healthy and ready to go in the spring. Talk to your local pool service about scheduling winter service to ensure that your pool is maintained December through March, ready to open when April arrives.

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