5 Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury, but it can also have benefits for your health. When used regularly, a pool can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are trying to justify investing into a pool for your home, adding the health benefits to your list of “pros” can help make a good argument for pool ownership. Here are five health benefits that you may enjoy if you become a pool owner.

  1. Relaxation. Just relaxing by the pool can help your health. Taking the time to unwind can reduce stress and that alone can help improve your wellness.
  2. Great exercise. Swimming is excellent exercise, offering cardio and muscle toning at the same time. The water creates natural resistance for every move you make, giving you a full body workout.
  3. Reduce joint stress. The buoyancy of water helps reduce weight and stress on joints. Swimming and water aerobics are great ways for those with joint problems to get exercise without pain or joint stress.
  4. Reduce inflammation. If you suffer from arthritis or other types of inflammatory conditions, spending time in the pool can help. Warm water can create a balance pressure and help reduce inflammation.
  5. Cooling during hot weather. Overheating is not healthy. Pools give you a place to cool down during the hot summer months and enjoy exercise with less risk of heat stroke or dehydration.

If you enjoy swimming and want to have access to the water in your backyard, adding a pool is a great idea. It can add value to your home and you can gain many health benefits through pool ownership. Talk to your local pool contractor to get started on planning your new pool.

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