Do You Need Pool Service During the Winter?

In warm-winter climates, your pool may be closed for swimming during the cooler season. Many people shutdown their pool during the coolest months, but few people drain their pools in mild regions. Since there is still water in the pool, you need to consider the best way to reduce contamination. While you may not need regular weekly pool cleanings, it is still beneficial to keep pool service active during the winter.

Benefits of Winter Pool Service

The water in your pool during the winter will be the water you want to swim in come spring. It is easier to keep this water clean and sanitized than to decontaminate the water in a few months. Algae, bacteria and debris can create unhealthy conditions in your pool if the chemical balance is not maintained. Here are some benefits of scheduling pool service during the winter months:

  • Reduce stains and damage to pool from algae growth
  • Stay on top of pool maintenance with routine service
  • Easier and quicker to reopen pool in the spring

Winter pool service is not needed as often as during the swimming season. Schedule your pool service to come once a month to clean out any debris and balance the water chemistry. This will prevent damage to your pool and keep the water sanitary, making it a wise investment.

Even when your pool is closed for the winter, it needs maintenance to keep it healthy and ready to go in the spring. Talk to your local pool service about scheduling winter service to ensure that your pool is maintained December through March, ready to open when April arrives.

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Tips for Getting Your Pool Ready for Swimming Season

In most parts of the country, swimming pool owners close the pool for the winter, waiting for the warm, late spring days to arrive before they open it again. However, it is not as simple as pulling off the pool cover to get your pool ready for swimming season. There is a little pool cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done first to ensure your pool is safe and prepared for the summer ahead.

  • Skim out any debris. Even with a pool cover, debris can find its way into your pool. Skim out any large pieces you can.
  • Turn on your pumps and filtration system. Remove any plugs that had been put in when closing the pool and turn on all your pool equipment. Clean the filter and baskets.
  • Add water. You most likely lost water over the winter from evaporation. Add water to bring the pool up to the correct level.
  • Test and balance your chemicals. You will need to add your pool chemicals and/or use your chlorinator to achieve the correct chemical balance for clean, safe swimming water.
  • Run the filtration. Continue running the filtration cycle and cleaning the filter until the water runs clean – don’t attempt to swim until the water is clean and safe.

Your pool equipment should also be inspected and serviced before the swimming season. Make it easy on yourself and call your local pool service to perform a service on your pool pump and equipment, as well as pool cleaning and chemically balancing your pool. They can help ensure your pool is clean and safe for the swimming season, so you can enjoy fun in the sun all summer long.

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Pool Prep Tips for Summer

Once the spring air starts warning up with more sunshine, your mind turns to relaxing in your pool. However, if you close your pool during the winter, it will take some preparation to get it ready for safe swimming. If you are ready to start enjoying lazy days by the pool, here are some tips to get your pool ready for summer.

  • Tend to your filtration system. Your pool water will need to be completely cleaned through your filtration system. To get it ready, make sure your system is ready to go by assembling the parts and checking the filters. Cartridges may need replacement or rinsing – you may need to backwash a sand filter or clean your DE filter. Make sure all components like baskets are clean and free of debris.
  • Fill your pool. It is usually best to leave water in your pool if possible, even when you are not using it. However, you may need to add water to get it full again after a long winter or completely refill it if you did empty it.
  • Water chemical balance. Your pool water should be tested before you begin the chemical process. Your pool service can test your water to determine the chemical balance and mineral concentration. This helps determine the best chemical additions to bring PH balance to the water. Once your pool water is treated, it will need to filter until it is clear – filters may need to be cleaned throughout this process.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your pool ready for swimming? Hire a professional pool service to prepare your pool for the summer swimming season. They can make sure your pool water is safe and perform a full inspection on your equipment to get your ready for summer.

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5 Things to Do Before Your Pool Party

Are you planning your first big pool party of the year? Make it a success with a little swimming pool maintenance. Pool parties need a little more consideration than the average backyard BBQ – you need to think of safety and make sure all your guests have a good time. Here are five things to do to get your pool ready for your big party.

  1. Clean the pool. You don’t want leaves and debris floating around your pool when guest arrive. A day or two before your shindig, clear out the debris and put on your cover to keep it clean for your party.
  2. Check the PH balance. More people in the pool can affect your pool water PH balance. Make sure it is safe and ready for swimmers by performing PH testing a few days before the party and add chemicals to get it in balance. Check the chemical balance again the night before and adjust as necessary.
  3. Inspect safety equipment. Check your ladders, railings and other safety equipment about a week or more before your party. You want to make sure that everything is solid and ready for your guests – repair anything that is loose or worn before your guests arrive.
  4. Clean the deck. Make sure your pool deck is clean, as well as the pool furniture. No one wants to slip on a slimy spot or sit on a dirty lounger.
  5. Consider the kids. If your party will include youngsters, make sure you have floatation devices, swim vests and a way to keep tiny tots away from the pool.

The best option to get your pool ready for a big party is to call your local pool service for a complete cleaning and inspection. They can ensure your pool is safe and sparkling for your guests.

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Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

Does your pool close for the winter season? If you live in a cold climate, it definitely is not swimming weather and you want to completely drain and close the pool. However, for warmer regions, your pool is probably just put on stand-by during the cooler months, waiting for spring to arrive. Even when you are not using your pool, it is important to keep up with some maintenance. Here are some tips to make it much easier to open your pool for swimming in the spring.

  • Maintain your cover. Keeping your cover on will help keep your pool cleaner. However, you do need to maintain the cover as well. Sweep off debris, leaves, needles and dirt regularly. If you do get snow, make sure to sweep it off to limit the weight on the cover.
  • Pool chemicals. Even when you are not using your pool, it is important to keep the water chemically balanced. Check the PH at least every two months when not in use and add the needed chemicals to balance the PH.
  • Add enzymes. Using an enzyme product can help breakdown debris that makes its way into the water. This can keep your water cleaner and avoid stains and water rings that would need to be scrubbed off in the spring.
  • Pool equipment. You should keep an eye on your pump, filters and other equipment throughout the winter to avoid damage. Make sure all water is removed if the temperature does drop below freezing.

While there is not as much maintenance needed when you are not using your pool in the winter months, doing periodic pool maintenance can help make it easier when spring does arrive. Ask your local pool service about winter maintenance schedules to reduce repairs and make it simple to open your pool for the swimming season.

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Is DIY Pool Maintenance Really Saving You Money?

If you have a pool, maintaining it can be expensive. There are water and energy costs, repairs and maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. Many pool owners look for ways to save on the cost of owning a pool and decide to take care of the pool maintenance themselves. While DIY home maintenance can save you money, pool maintenance may not be saving you as much as you think. Consider these cost saving benefits of hiring a professional pool service: 

  • No equipment. To keep your pool cleaning, you need vacuums, nets, brushes and other equipment. All this gear adds up; with a pool service, they will bring their own equipment.
  • Chemicals. It costs money to keep your PH balance levels safe in your pool. The cost of buying the chemicals, plus the time and gas it takes to shop for them all add up over the year.
  • Your time is worth money. How much time do you spend cleaning your pool and how much would that add up to is you were getting paid?
  • Preventing equipment failures. Professional pool services inspect your equipment to catch issues before they become bigger, more expensive problems. This can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in repairs.
  • Improved maintenance. Professional pool maintenance companies use industrial equipment that can improve the cleanliness of your pool. Let the experts do what they do best.

When you add up the benefits, hiring a pool service can be a worthwhile investment. There is a cost to maintaining your pool, even if you do it yourself. Why not let professionals handle this chore and give you more time to spend enjoying your pool instead of maintaining it?

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Pool Cleaning: When to Hire a Professional

You like to save money by doing home maintenance yourself, and that includes cleaning your pool. You spend hours each week scooping out debris, checking your PH balance, cleaning filters and adding the right chemicals. While this is all great, are you really keeping your pool as clean as you would like it? Here are a few signs that it may be time to hire a professional to help keep your pool pristine.

  • PH balance is consistently off. Are you always struggling to keep your PH balance at the right levels? This could mean that your cleaning efforts are not as effective as you thought. It could also mean your pump is not working properly. A professional pool service can monitor your chemicals for you, provide superior cleaning and inspect your pump for issues.
  • Your pool is stained. It takes more than just scooping away debris to keep you pool looking great. Stains can be caused by certain metals in the water; a professional pools service can remove those stains and offer preventive treatments to keep future stains away.
  • Your pool water is no longer clear. If you are getting algae formation even with regular home cleanings, you need a professional pool service to help you get this under control. Even if you prefer to do the weekly cleanings yourself, having a pool service clean your pool once a month can help keep these types of issues at bay.

Having a clean pool helps reduce maintenance and repair costs on your pool equipment, plus it ensures that it looks great and is safe for your family. It is worth the investment to have a professional clean your pool at least once a month to keep it clean and healthy.

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Has Your Pool Turned Into A Large Hot Tub?

The dog days of summer are the hottest of the year, and the best time to take a cool dip in your pool. However, when the weather gets this hot, often your pool water is no longer as cool and refreshing as you want it to be. Especially in smaller pools with depths under six feet, the hot summer sun can heat the water up quickly, making your pool feel more like a hot tub than the refreshing oasis you want. If you are having problems with a hot pool, there are a few ways to get it cooled back down to a pleasurable temperature.

Cooling A Hot Pool

A few degrees can make a big difference in a pool. Once the water gets above the 80-degree mark, a pool can begin to feel overly warm, especially on a hot summer day. To naturally cool your pool without adding cold water or messing with the chemistry, you can use the cooler night temperatures to cool the water a few degrees. If you have a waterfall feature, run this during the coolest hours of the early morning to expose as much water to the colder air as possible.

However, the easiest way to cool a pool is to install a chiller device. Many pool owners do not have one of these installed on their pools, worrying more about heating the pool than cooling it down. While it may not need to be cooled often, when the weather is scorching, people want their pools to cool them off in short order. A chiller can keep your pool’s water at the refreshing temperature you want on those hot days of summer, so call your local pool construction and repair company to schedule an installation before the next big heat wave.

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Now Is The Time To Schedule Pool Maintenance

Summer is almost here, making it necessary to consider your pool maintenance needs for the summer. There is no time of year when owning a pool is so beneficial or time consuming! While having a refreshing pool is fantastic on those hot summer days, it also means more time spent cleaning and maintaining your pool’s water quality. This summer, why not just enjoy your pool and leave the maintenance to the professionals?

Your Time Is Valuable

There is no question that owning a pool takes work. Your swimming pool must be regularly cleaned and serviced to keep it safe and functioning. Many people think they can save money by doing this maintenance themselves, but what they may not take into consideration is what their time is worth and how much money they actually are saving.

Even maintaining your pool yourself costs money. The chemicals and equipment are just part of that cost. In addition, you must consider your time. Time and gas spent driving to the pool supply store. Time contemplating which products are best or are really needed for your pool. Money spent on products you don’t need, which a sales person may talk you into. These are hidden costs that many people do not factor into maintaining their pools on their own.

This summer, why not try a professional pool service? Most companies offer a variety of options, including weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly service. In many cases, having a professional pool maintenance service is comparable in cost to doing it yourself, with the added benefit of more time to actually enjoy your pool. With summer approaching, now is the time to call your local pool service company to discuss hiring them for your pool maintenance needs. When you are relaxing by your pool this summer, you will be glad you did.

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3 Quick Pool Cleaning Tips

Maintaining and keeping your pool clean isn’t a difficult job, but it requires you to be diligent and follow up in making sure that the cleaning is working – or that the professional pool cleaning service keeps the pool clean for you, since it’s usually better to be able to just enjoy your pool instead of having to maintain it yourself. A pool cleaning service will keep the pool clean, take care of any necessary maintenance and see that the pool’s chemical balance is checked and refreshed. But there are still some small things you can do to keep your pool sparkling.

1) Check your pool chemistry several times each week. Any adjustments should be made right away. If any chemicals need to be added, it should be done in the evening hours to prevent the sun from affecting them or the water. They’ll also have all night to do their work without being disturbed.

2) Check that the pool water’s pH level is below 8.0 at a minimum, and 7.5 if possible so that any chlorine that’s been added will work at peak effectiveness. The alkaline levels should be from 80 to 140 ppm (parts per million) in your pool. Keeping a steady, regular chemical balance will keep the water clean, bright and beautiful.

3) To keep your pool’s water circulated and as clean as possible, run the pump and circulation system from 10 to 12 hours a day in the summertime, and 4 to 8 hours in the winter. Running the pump this much means that the skimmers need to be as clean as possible, so remove any leaves, pine needles and other debris regularly, at least once a day.