5 Things to Check Before Swimming in a Public Pool

You may take excellent care of your own swimming pool at home but never assume a public pool is kept at the same safety level. Pools at hotels or in public areas are exposed to many more people and not all are kept as clean and safe as needed. Before you and your family head to the local pool when you are on vacation, here are five things to check before you jump in the water.

  1. Check the pool’s latest inspection results. Most public or commercial pools need to be inspected regularly by the local health department. Check online or on-site for the latest inspection results.
  2. Is there a lifeguard on duty? A good sign of a safe pool is a lifeguard on duty. This means the establishment cares about pool safety and has a staff for the pool area.
  3. Check the water clarity. You want clean, clear water in the pool. You should be able to clearly see the bottom of the pool.
  4. Are the drain covers in good shape? While checking the clarity of the water, look at the drain covers on the bottom of the pool. Are they well-secured and in good shape? Damaged drain covers can be dangerous, especially to small kids.
  5. Check the pH balance of the pool. Yes, you need some chlorine strips to check the pH balance but these are a good thing to bring with you when heading on vacation. Make sure the pH level is between 7.2-7.8 before you decide to enter the pool.

These quick steps can ensure when you swim in a strange pool that it is safe. Keep these safety tips in mind for your own pool at home. Hiring a pool service to maintain your pool water and equipment can protect your swimming pool from failing inspection.

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