Cleaning Your Salt Water Pool Equipment

Salt water pools offer many benefits for homeowners that want to enjoy swimming in water that does not use excess chlorine. Salt water generators keep pool water sanitized without needing to constantly add chlorine. The salt water pump generates naturally-occurring chlorine for sanitization. This reduces the smell and negative effects of chlorine while still reducing the growth of harmful bacteria and algae. Many people enjoy the feel of a salt water pool without red eyes, dry skin or discolored hair from excess chlorine. To keep a salt water generator working as it should does require maintenance, including occasional cleaning.

How to Clean Your Salt Water Generator

Salt water generators or pumps can become clogged and may need cleaning about once per swimming season. Hard water calcium buildup, too much salt or debris can clog the pump and cause problems for your salt water pool system. You can clean the pump or salt water cell yourself with a little know-how. This includes:

  • Draining your salt water generator
  • Plugging up the pump
  • Adding a cleaning solution for salt water pumps
  • Soaking the pump
  • Scrubbing the pump clean
  • Rinsing the pump with water
  • Unplugging, starting and filling the pump again

Doing this process at least once each summer or when your pump is clogged can help maintain your salt water generator. This can help extend the life of your equipment and prevent sanitization problems from a non-functioning salt water generator.

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your pool’s salt water generator yourself or just don’t have the time, contact your local pool service company. You can enjoy the benefits of your salt water pool without the headache of maintaining your pool equipment with the help of your local pool service professionals.

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