When is a Good Time for Installing a New Pool?

If you are envisioning yourself relaxing in a cool, refreshing pool during the hot summer months, you do not want to wait until summer. Planning, designing and installing a new pool takes time and summer is the worst time to schedule an installation. For new pools, start your project many months before summer to ensure you have the pool you want for the next swimming season.

Fall Planning

If possible, start your planning for your new pool in the fall, even if you are hoping for a spring or late winter installation. This gives you time to explore different design options and properly prepare for the project. After the summer months, pool services begin to slow down and have the time to discuss a new project, especially when you have months before you need installation.

Winter Preparation

Winter is a great time to begin getting ready for your installation. You can map out your yard and begin planning other aspects of your new pool area. You will want to consider landscaping that will match your pool style and have a design in mind to install with your new pool.

Early Spring Installation

The prime time for new pool construction is early spring or late winter. This gives you plenty of time for the installation and incorporating stylish touches before summer. By the time Memorial Day weekend arrives, you should be ready to throw your first pool party.

In warm regions of the country, pool installations can be done in any season, but avoiding the busy summer is always a good idea. If you have the time, plan ahead and work with an experienced pool contractor to ensure your installation goes smoothly.

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Pros and Cons of Adding a Pool

Do you look longingly at your backyard on warm days, wishing there was a pool to enjoy? A new swimming pool can be a wonderful luxury to own, but it does come at a significant cost. Before jumping into pool ownership, it is important to take a close look at the pros and cons of this large purchase.

Pros of Adding a Pool to Your Home

Quite simply, there is nothing better than a cool pool on a hot day. Owning a swimming pool during the hot summer months is a fantastic experience, with your own private place to relax. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fun for friends and family
  • Great exercise
  • Possible added value to your home

If you love the water and want a healthy way to relax with your family, it can be a wonderful option.

Cons of Pool Ownership

The obvious con of purchasing a pool is the cost. In-ground pools can run over $20,000 or more, plus fencing and other equipment. While pools can add value to the home, you must keep them maintained to ensure this is true when it comes time to sell.  Other costs to consider include:

  • Pool cleaning and upkeep
  • Repairs and resurfacing
  • Electricity and water costs

Even with expenses, many people are more than willing to pay for the cost of their pool to reap the benefits. If you want a cool way to stay fit or put a premium on your relaxation time at home, investing in a pool may be right for you. Talk to your local pool service to find about more about the costs and options available if you decide you are ready to become a pool owner.

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5 Benefits of Owning a Swimming Pool

Have you been considering adding a swimming pool to your home? While a pool is a luxury, it can have many benefits that can make this a worthwhile investment. When researching the cost and types of pools available, keep in mind these five benefits a swimming pool can offer.

  1. Swimming is a great source of exercise for the whole family. Whether you do laps in the morning or the kids play in it during the hot afternoons, the water creates resistance to help you build muscle and can be a wonderful cardio workout without the heat factor.
  2. Having a relaxing pool at your home can give you a needed place to relax. Stress can cause many health problems; if relaxing in or by the pool quells anxiety or stress for you, it is worth the investment.
  3. Comfort. Nothing beats a cool dip in the pool on a hot summer’s day. If you live in a region with hot weather, you will appreciate the option to cool off when those triple digits show up on the thermometer.
  4. Home value. A swimming pool is an investment in your home. Adding a pool can make your home more desirable and valuable when it comes time to sell.
  5. Entertainment. Swimming pools are a wonderful source of entertainment for your family and friends. It is a great centerpiece for your home parties, as well as intimate family fun.

Adding a swimming pool to your home is a significant investment, but many pool owners will tell you it is worth every penny. Make sure you find a quality, experienced swimming pool construction contractor when it comes time to install your new pool to get the most for your money.

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Five Reasons to Add a New Pool to Your Backyard

You bought your house knowing it had the perfect backyard to add a pool to someday. That someday is now. If you haven’t given in to your kid’s pleas to put the pool in yet, here are five reasons why you should go ahead and make your pool happen.

  1. Swimming is great exercise for persons of any age. You can get a great workout without all the stress on your body. Having it in your own backyard means you have access to a workout anytime you want, without anybody else there to bother you.
  2. Family fun. You know your whole family would enjoy a pool. You’ll watch little ones learn to swim for the first time and the big ones land their first belly flop. Family time together around the pool will make some great memories for years to come.
  3. Entertaining. Just think of how fun it would be to have all your friends over. You can have a nice evening out at your own home. Cook up a shrimp boil in your backyard and enjoy swimming together with a few or many friends.
  4. Teen hangout. You won’t have to wonder where your kids are because all their friends will want to be hanging at your house with the pool. This will make keeping tabs on your kids and their friends even easier.
  5. Relaxation. Nothing says relaxing more than sunshine and water. Whether your soaking up the sun beside the pool or while laying in the pool, you have the best spot right out your back door!

Exercise, family memories, and relaxation are some indisputable reasons to get your new pool started right now. Stop putting off the inevitable and make your family’s dream come true with a new pool in your backyard.

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Pool Building Terms

Are you planning on building a new pool? Like any specialty project, there is terminology will need to know to have an educated conversation with your contractor. Not everyone is up on pool lingo, especially if this is your first pool building experience. Here are some common terms you need to know to communicate your desires to your contractors.


The curved area at the bottom of a vertical pool wall as it transitions to the floor surface.


At the top of the pool edge, coping is the material that covers the surface. This can be concrete, brick, stone or many other materials.


Gunite is a method used for concrete pools, spraying the dry concrete on instead of pouring wet concrete. It is also referred to as dry-mix shotcrete.


The smooth, waterproof surface below the waterline is pool plaster. This is created blending concrete, aggregate and water to make a protective, smooth surface.

Standard Plan vs. Custom Structural Plan

The engineering plan for your pool can be a basic standard plan that covers common details of pool building; a custom structural plan includes more specific details and is usually more expensive.


Additional features that may be built around your pool, including waterfalls, grottos, pool decking and other amenities that you may want to add to your pool area.

Of course, there are many other terms that are used in pool building. You will want a pool builder that is willing to take the time to explain every step of the process and ensure you are getting exactly what you want and need in a new pool. Understanding the common terms can help you communicate better with your pool contractor for better results.

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Five Great Reasons To Get A New Swimming Pool

Most people don’t need to be sold on the benefits of owning a pool; just the cool water on a hot summer day is usually enough to entice the average homeowner. However, it can be difficult to justify spending thousands of dollars for what may seem like just a luxury item. Although owning a swimming pool is a luxury, it does offer more benefits than just a dip in cool water on a hot day. Consider these five great reasons to invest in a new swimming pool for your home.

  1. Add value to your home. An in-ground swimming pool can add to the value of your home, making it more desirable to some potential buyers when it comes time to sell.
  2. Low-impact exercise. For those with joint problems or other physical limitations, swimming is excellent resistance exercise with little impact on joints.
  3. Great for entertaining. Nothing draws better attendance to a party than adding the word “pool” to the word “party” on your invitations.
  4. Family fun in your backyard. Pools are a great way to enjoy time with your family while getting some physical exercise. Swimming is fun and rewarding for kids when done safely, with adults supervising.
  5. Cool, clear water. Ultimately, the best reason to have a pool is often the most obvious. Hot days and cool pools are a perfect combination.

If you are ready to invest in a new pool for your home, there are many shapes, sizes and options from which to choose. Start your research by calling your local pool service company to find out what pool will be the best fit for your home and family.

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Pool Construction Process

The actual construction phase of the swimming pool begins once all necessary permits have been obtained.  The first step in the pool construction process is the excavation of the dirt where the pool is to be located.  The contractor will first verify that there are no existing utilities in the area and then begin the excavation of the soils.  In most cases the soils will be taken offsite for disposal.  The excavation will be in the shape and the depth as shown on the plans.

Once the excavation is complete the required electrical and plumbing work will be performed.  In general, the electrical and plumbing work will be related to pumps, drains, filtration systems and lighting systems within the pool shell.  After the work is complete and inspected, the pool contractor will then install reinforcing steel within the pool shell as shown on the approved plans.  The size and quantity of steel depends upon a number of factors including soil conditions and the size and shape of the pool.

After the structural steel is inspected the contractor then spray a specialized type of concrete, which is called “Shotcrete” against the dirt formed sidewalls.  The concrete will cover the reinforcing steel, as well as the plumbing and electrical work previously installed to create the shell of the pool.  The next step in the process is to install the pool tile at the waterline, as well as the pool coping.   The coping provides a transition from the pool to the pool deck.  Once the coping is complete, the contractor will then apply the finish coat to the pool shell, with many different coatings being available.

At the same time there will be a number of other tasking performed including installation of the pool equipment, pool deck and pool fence along with any other hardscapes.  Typical pool decks include concrete, natural stone, pavers or decorative concrete.

The final step is to fill the pool with water and obtain all required inspections from the appropriate government agencies including zoning, building and health.  Once final approval is obtained, it will be time to enjoy that new pool!

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